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According to their Facebook status today, Newgrounds likes Batman. Well holy bat-boners! This week's NSFW Comix cartoon just happens to be about Batman, and it's animated!
See more high-brow lulz at nsfw-comix.com
Animation & music by Cybersp0nge.
Characters are (c) their owners, used for parody, fair use, yadda yadda.
Youtube version: youtu.be/6yuFDVZwklU

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Too funny

OMG that was fucking hilarious! Just in time for Batman vs Superman in theaters too, still don't know if I'll go see it.

Whoa! S'been ages since I last got in touch with you. :P

BTW! since I've gained a little more experience, I was wondering if you ever needed voice actors at all for your projects! :O

I've been doing it for a while now and just wondering if you ever needed any for future projects? NO worries otherwise.