Lodge Massacre

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After a shocking call, a police officer is sent to investigate the horrible killings at a haunted lodge. Who or what is behind this massacre? This game has been developed by OruGames

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Very surreal. This game would be a lot more appealing with a small of addition of some natural gun sway, maybe even when standing still, just to add to the nervousness of it all - but I do like the detached feel of the character. The old-school vibes are positively strong.

The Retsuprae guys were pretty hard on this game, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The controls are clunky and they make you feel like you don't actually have much control over your character, which would be a weakness if this were an action game. But since this is a survival-horror game, not being in full control of your character adds to the tension.

The atmosphere in this game is great, the creepiness of the house and the constant, looming dread, the way certain areas are safe one minute and dangerous the next, the whole thing feels like a classic resident evil game. I really appreciate it.

and the production quality is really good. The way the art is realistic but the movements are janky and paper-like gives the game a charming kind of uncanny-valley effect which again, would normally be a weakness, but in a horror game the uncanny valley is your friend, not the enemy.

Unfortunately, the game's abrupt ending and incredibly brazen sequel hook is a major problem, and the fact that the sequel is basically the same game with different puzzles and slightly more rooms doesn't help matters. Were this a standalone game, I would have given it 4 stars.

Instead, I'm leaving you with a respectable 3.5.

I really enjoyed this game, it was pretty fun it was rather unnerving at times. There was a pretty good jump scare in there which I enjoyed, as well as some moments when I forced to think quick and move fast which are all great for a horror themed game like this. As far as the ammo is concerned it is true that there was a lack of at times and it could cost someone who's careless but I concerved mine and managed to make it last when I need it which helped me survive through the whole game. My only gripe was how short the game was, but that's no reason to down rate the game.

Horror absolutely, this part is better than the second one.

Great game Gameshed!