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Noah's Ark - TRUE STORY!

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The all thing really happened! I was there... I know!
That was a lie... but you got the idea right? ;)

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It has that Don Hertzfeldt sort of touch where the outlines are very clean and smooth, and the expressions execute a shocking, mad but amusing appeal. Quite liked Noah's reason here as to why we don't have dinosaurs nowadays, he just thinks they're too ugly.

In general, I liked the animation and the humour that has been performed here.

"Wait up, what about me, I want to live, don't leave us." Watched it 3 times and it was still funny, Great job. Aaaark!

D'aw man, I wish it was a bit longer. However, I did get a laugh out of it, so it's a point in my book.


I like it though i thought the joke could have been exicuted better.