Gaia Defense

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Protect the Portal Bomb against Aliens until the end of the countdown !

Gaia Defense is a tactical defense/strategy game. Aliens will attack your defenses on their weakest point, or get around them and even dig their way underground... The battlefield might change a lot before the level is complete !

Luckily, you have 16 different units to build to help you defend the Bomb. Turrets, walls, generators... Be very careful where do you build them, their placement is critical to win.

Play through the 19 campaign levels and 10 survival levels (with leaderboards), then use the level editor to create and share your own levels, and try the other players' creations. The game includes a level ranking to help finding the best level creations.


Campaign is pretty cool!

ALRIGHT! Now that's family entertainment!

Ah, yeah! A game that finally adds something new to tower-defense! it isn't gory, but it also isn't bland. The sci-fi graphics work great to keep me engaged. There is almost an element of Minecraft here in that the player is free to reshape the level in a way that allows them to find a strategy that works best FOR THEM. You also aren't limited to static campaign mode, as there are countless custom maps to play, share, and edit.
I really love the variety in enemies, the interesting path-finding AI, and the quirky storyline. My favorite line was "we'll probably never know who's behind this" followed by CREDITS, hahaha.

This game is like a breath of fresh air. it doesn't take long at all to enjoy, the controls are familiar but innovative, and there is a great sense of freedom available here. Varied units work great, as do the specific turrets you place to combat them. I say combat, because unlike typical top-down tower-defense, the enemies come at you platformer/side-scroller style.

One thing I will say is that perhaps the enemies are a bit too ambiguous in their details. It is hard to tell just exactly what they look like, regardless they are easily discernible and kind on the eyes. it is not difficult to tell them apart, which is important, and I could not find any turret that felt particularly "useless".

While the campaign offers more freedom, the custom online player-made levels have a more puzzle-style feel...almost like lemmings in reverse. I had a very rough time solving the top-rated ones.

Small touches like a speed-up button, storyline, and careful coloring have gone a long way here. Instant favorite.

out of 10...

gfx - 8 (good sci-fi theme and vibrant, pleasing colors)
sfx - N/A (I have no sound card)
design - 9 (killer take on classic genre)
gameplay - 10 (tight mechanics and rad pacing)

overall, this is an awesome sci-fi turret defense/action-strategy game that blends elements of these genres almost seamlessly. Highly recommended.

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the more the machines campaigns aliens and levels the better.

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over all it was pretty fun i enjoyed the defence part about it but i would like it to have more upgrades for the machines and diffrent types of enimes alot more

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3.39 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2013
4:33 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense