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Geologem is a challenging puzzle game with 30 levels and a unique endless game mode that lets you tailor the difficulty to fit with your playing style.

Challenge mode: Use the available tools to fully mine each level - finishing on the bonus tile for an extra challenge.

Survival mode: Descend through randomly generated levels, filling as many as possible to maximise your score - with even more tools at your disposal. Unlock bonuses that compliment your playing style, or challenge yourself with bonuses that increase the difficulty and score.

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Very fun! I greatly approve.

Great game overall, however the bug that was previously mentioned by another user in which the unlocks screen becomes grey also prevents you from actually unlocking anything after it does this. After getting it I assumed it was a fluke, reset the game and played through everything a second time (in an entirely different browser no less) and got the same thing, and once again the medals/features will not unlock.

That said the game concept and design are excellent, I really wish I could give you 5 stars but since this bug seems to consistently render the game completely unplayable (for me at least) in survival mode I will be giving a much lower rating than I would like.

Simply put the half that works is getting 100%... but the other half is a nonfunctional 0%.

well, it was entertaining...

First of all I'd like to report a bug (?) Where the "UNLOCKS" screen turns gray and the only buttons available are the sound controls.

The problem is that the focus of the game seems to be the Survival mode in which this game is no longer a PUZZLE, but a STRATEGY game. "Try to get 100% (or close to that), while finishing on a glowing block and using the least resources possible."

After you level up your tools the game get way too easier and if you play using the right power ups you can play it literally forever. (the one that increases the amount of jewels per level, more specifically)

I liked the game concept, graphics and sounds, but I had to consider these problems while rating, so please, keep up the good work.

Pinchanzee responds:

Those points are fair enough, cheers for the feedback!
Puzzle or Strategy, the games label doesn't really makes that much of a difference (wasn't sure if NG let you give it multiple categories?)
It was hard to test all the different combinations of survival bonuses to make sure none were overpowered - would've been pretty lucky to have balanced it perfectly.

Are you able to reproduce that "unlocks" bug again?
Thanks again for all your feedback :)

Very cool game. I am barely starting but it seems to be a very entertaining one, congrats on this great piece of work.
To the last guy that reviewed (geologemblows): You really need to start reading instructions I don't know if they already fixed the problem or you are just dumb enough to not read the box that says "If you descend on a not flashing square you will lose a life". Please read before reviewing and giving a (sorry for being rude) shitty rating. Thanks

Pinchanzee responds:

Glad you like it! Thanks for the feedback :)

really bad. worked through all 30 challenge levels only to find that most of the game content is in the survival mode. which would be great if survival mode worked. BUT IT DOESN'T. the survival mode quits and tells you that you lost after anywhere from 3 to 9 levels. at first i thought i was not seeing a clock or something. nope. no clock visible. am i racing a clock? who knows! maybe if there were ANY INSTRUCTIONS about survival mode at all (aside from the annoying pop up ones that crowd the screen and don't give you information you actually need). then i thought maybe you have to clear every single block no matter what to even get past four levels. nope that's not it either. ok how about play until there's a lucky run where the game piece never stops moving, clears every block on every level and luckily ends on the flashing square every time... SURELY THAT WILL GET ME PAST LEVEL 7 ON SURVIVAL........ NOOOOPE.

guys seriously, if you're going to have most of the content and all but two of the unlocks wrapped up in survival mode, make sure it works BEFORE you release it. you look like idiots.

Pinchanzee responds:

Did you disable the survival tutorial early by accident? Or did you just not read it?