Disco Aliens Return

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The Disco Aliens return on a mission of vengeance and have brought their Dyson sphere with them.

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The classical vip part made me laugh for some reason , you've done a good job!

Knew both songs right when they came on :3

backgrounds were fantastic, your taste in music is awesome as always, and story was pretty good. the aliens and their voices kinda killed it. still it's a great job. i am excited to see what you're going to do for pico day! i'd love to see something like On The Bridge: The Island again!
this seems like it is part 2, so where would part 1 be? if there isn't a part 1, you could do that for pico day, that would be cool, have those two destroy an invasion of disco aliens. thanks for another great animation radio tube!

RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks! I don't have anything planned for Pico day but I'm going to try to make something for Madness day again. I also 'part 1' is called 'Pippi saves the day'.

here's another epic movie by radiotube, whose immense art in backgrounds, and also in spaceships is visible.
the whole meaning of size and of dimensions, along with the ''halo-type'' universe in a ship, element, adds to the epic.
can a planet fit into a spaceship? in this case it can.(and by planet, i dont mean earth, but the whole system that exists inside the spaceship. truly amazing.)

i liked how the aliens where designed (with the humaniod white aliens with the side-gills on his neck, and the alien-alien with the white tights, hah) but also i liked how they planed on avenging radiotube and topcatyo, and teleported them from where they were, and onto their ship(radiotube was at his boat, as always, lol)
i also liked how this story ended, with our heroes escaping from the clutches of the evil alien duo, and getting to use the weapon of...DUBSTEP!
epic, and hillarious.

once again, a great episode, my friend, and im happy and proud of watching it.
i have to ask though, the disco aliens, were our friends right? how did they turned against the clock crew this time? i wonder.
also, why noone reviews these?
great movie, PLEASE do more :D

RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks! I know they where our allies in other flash movies so maybe these can be a different faction or something.

That actually looked like phantomcat without the ghost part.

RadioTubeClock responds:

Oops, totally forgot the alpha.