Cactus Hunter 2

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In this 20 levels game, you have to kill using ricochet all the bad animals you can find in the desert with using a minimum of bullets. You have to let the bullets bounce on the walls to kill the bad wild animals, it is a ricochet game.

In Cactus Hunter 2, you control the shooting of the cactus with your mouse.

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Inconstant difficulty:
It is not new player friendly, independent of which level you are, it will randomly be too hard or too easy.
I find it annoying that i can't aim at any other angles, but what really even bugs me most is the fact that one the ball we launch hits the target, it disappears, which forces to have too much accuracy &etc.
But at the same times, there are levels that you just mindlessly aim at the target and hit him, which goes really against the idea of being a "ricochet" game.
The repetitive background music with everything stated above, makes it even worse, as after a few levels, you just feel annoyed by it, though thankfully only after reaching the near end/ or playing for a good while.

But actuality it is not too bad overall, the theme is funny, background music actuality fits, no bugs and the idea for an ricochet game is not bad at all, but could be more.

I can appreciate the effort put into this game, and the gameplay's alright, the music's alright, although kind of lacking in any sort of originality. I've seen plenty of games like this before, although I suppose a cactus shooting at monsters is an attempt at originality? Overall just an alright attempt.

good game but not my favorite

i dont get it !!!

It's interesting...

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2013
8:54 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed