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Tails In Limbo

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Was playing Sonic Generations, and i thought this clip was hilariously morbid.

theres not alot that goes on, and I know theres some problems with it (like how tails fur color changes because the screencap went wierd on me)
but hopefully it's somewhat amusing.

or you can say "YOU PIECE OF **** I HATE YOU!" which is an understandable reaction c:

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As you said "YOU PIECE OF **** I HATE YOU!"

Sorry, but there is absolutley no animation in this. Might as well have been a two panel comic or stupid meme. Try putting some movement in there next time.

RabbidRaccoons responds:

sorry i wasted your time..

It could've been done much better. Tails deserves no love. No. Love. And I was expecting floating sans body.

BUT I did laugh. That's what counts.

It kind of went no where and it was not that funny to me anyway. I did not even understand maybe its a inside joke but I think you could have done alot better than that like maybe what is in his nightmares what happened. him just laying there depressed made little sense. The drawing was ok but there is majorly room for improvement here I would not put it on the site if it were up too me.

RabbidRaccoons responds:

well that's a bummer. sorry you didn't like it.

but thanks for the commen tho! i dont get feedback on hardly anything i do on DeviantArt or Youtube so its definetl better than nothin ha.

and who knows if enough people hate it, you may get your wish! :D