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Hospital Frenzy 2

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The first hospital's service was a big success, and has built bigger than previous. Help the nurse to take care of the patients. Reach the daily goals and unlock fancy upgrades for the hospital.

Click and hold mouse to drag the patient to the right treatment.

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Thought it was a pretty good game. The simplicity of it was really appealing when i was just trying to kill some time with a nice distraction, and the speed required does get a tad hectic, which presents a good challenge, but the pacing was something to mention seperately, because it was done phenomonally. I had a few of the below bugs as well, such as the one regarding the helicopter at lvl 5 and I had one on lvl 6..maybe 7, well a couple actually. Firstly I had a patient just vanish from view, and while i could click and drag another, i had one leave out of frustration because they glitched and I couldn't drop them in the elevator to bring them downstairs [but i could move the nurse using the elevator just fine]. I also ran into the problem on lvl 6 where the time ran out, the clock stopped moving...but the level didn't end. and thats what kept this from being a 4 star game for me. I did like the upgrades, how they sped up the treatment process, which came in handy, but I also wish the cosmetic "upgrades" would just be free as when I purchased one, it didn't seem like it was an actual upgrade, more for personal taste than anything else.

Pretty addicting! Though I didn't like how I had to keep sending the nurse floor to floor. Maybe if there was a nurse for each floor? Either way! Love multi-tasking games like this!!! GOOD JOB BRAH

Same issue as katiebugcat

I found a bug on lvl 5 where the elevator got stuck halfway between the first and second floor. I couldn't get off and I couldn't do anything. I restarted and it happened again. I could never get past level 5 because of this bug.

found bug in lvl 4 just after buying the heli. patient gets taken down to floor 2 and wants to be put in bed 3, but the patient glitches and nothing happens. until the heart runs out on that patient, no one is able to go up to floor 2. wanted to try later lvls, but can't get past lvl 4 because of this bug.

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3.78 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2013
2:47 PM EST