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Generic Anime Episode #2

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Author Comments

Some lame-ass, R rated, Vietnamese animu bullshit from the 90's that I and the other members of the CrapFlashCrew ripped off of Megaupload, dubbed into English and edited with Windows Movie Maker 2.0 to air during Fox-Box's Saturday morning run time.

Since we had to reappropriate the footage for a child audience, only about 0.01% of the original footage remains at less than two minutes long, end credits included. This meant that we had inadvertently created an entirely original film and had to pay our voice actors as regular actors.

We also renamed all the characters to Americanize them, not because it's 4Kids' policy that we do so, we just don't morally approve of names we can't pronounce. We're a Christian community. Yes, we also reduced Kishis breasts and yes, we changed the skin color of the one black person in the show to a Caucasian to avoid offending the white people.

SINcerely yours,


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what the what?

Psychopath responds:

Electirc boogaloo.

It's got potential. Practice for a few more years.

For now though, this is just silly. Small moments made me chuckle, but it's really just medicore.

I'm not even gonna ask how you used to obtain the score you did, you should just know the quality is absolutely not anywhere near that. Of course take this review with a grain of salt, it seems to me this is just some hobby for you and though I'm willing to point out all the things that need improving, all that matters is that you have fun animating this. Regardless though, I will be entirely honest.

Everything about this was mediocre, you managed to hit the perfect range between "so bad its funny" and average. A very bad place to be as it ended up being neither of those and just rather bad which contained but is not limited to:

-Really bad voice acting
-Sub-par animation
- uninspired writing on a topic that's been beaten into the ground and then some

I'll give you a point for seeming to be trying. It looks like you could get better in the future but you'd need much better VA's, a topic that's unique(-ish) and work a lot harder on your animating. Animation doesn't really matter if you have fantastic material and competent VAs but you have neither, I'd suggest working on that.

The previous episode was better :(

Sorry dude, but I didn't care much for this. At least you managed to get a really high rating. I don't know why, you just do. Anyway, it was weird how the animation was so bad. I didn't really like the voices either. The author's comments were probably the funniest part.

I think the jokes were themselves explained a bit too much. The exposition just seemed too obvious. Most of the stuff here just looked like it was too quickly put together. I suggest better animation, voices, and jokes. Randomness can be funny, but not so much here.

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2013
11:25 PM EST