Guy Being Hit By Pig

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(EDIT: Loading Screen Works now (I hope))
The following video is a result of my utter boredome and contains a really cool soundtrack with a cool intro and some cheesy animation. It also has a guy being hit by a wooden pig.


(I am proabably going to get a lot of bad revies on this because of it's utter stupidy)

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Kind of wacky

So with this one you had some wacky elements and some even crazier ideas with this one u liked how there was stuff going on you really put some decent effort in this one and I was pretty impressed with it all hope one day you may come back to this classic and make more it's stuff like this I really enjoy I could see you adding more special effects on this piece it was just pure amazing stuff going on and wacky lol

Some added effects


I admit that the setup was pretty funny. It still wasn't much. The wooden pig was barely on screen. It looked more like a tank filled with money. Oh wait, it's a piggy bank. I get it now.

Your later stuff is better. I probably say that too much. Stop motion is usually pretty cool. I love Legos. It was too short.

yeah man idk this flash was pretty awesum. it sucked and it was also awesome. plz make 2 moer sewqqaqauls. fuxk

I have one thing to say

give me somea the shit you were smokein when u made this


Yes original but ephylepsiky... or something like that XD, i really needed to invent a word for that flash, real cool, made me lmao and thats pretty hard, but over all real original, you should get an award for that flash

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2.69 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2002
1:37 AM EDT
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