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Fluttershy's Bunny Rescue

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Author Comments

2021 Update!

Game ported from Flash to HTML5. Now you can play on your computer or your phone/tablet/etc!

New features:

  • Press F to enter Fullscreen mode! I highly recommend this if you just want to get lost in the atmosphere and nostalgia :)
  • Also, strangely, the game seems to run better in fullscreen. If you're having slowdowns, try switching to fullscreen. This is not a well-optimized game......
  • Game now compatible with touchscreen devices! Use the touch controls that appear onscreen in-game.
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • You can now make sparkles on the title screen by using your fingers on a touchscreen device. You can touch with up to ten fingers at the same time and make lots of sparkles! This has no use whatsoever, but I was playing around with HTML5 multi-touch and thought it was pretty cool. You can also make the sparkles with a mouse on PC but it's not as fun as using 10 fingers simultaneously.

How to Play:

  • Move: Arrow Keys (Virtual joystick in lower left on touchscreens)
  • Jump: Up arrow (Giant button in lower right on touchscreens)
  • Fly: Double jump. Hold to ascend, let go to descend.
  • To use Twilight's spell just walk into her.
  • F: toggle fullscreen
  • S: skip cutscenes
  • P: press and hold to make the text go faster. (Touch and hold on touchscreens)
  • M: mutes the music. The rain and other sounds will continue.

2/10/2013 - Original Description:

Fluttershy must rescue the bunnies that have gotten lost in Everfree Forest.

[Note: you may need to click in the game window before the controls will respond]

How to play:

-Use arrow keys to move.

-Press UP to jump.

-Double Jump (or Jump and Hold) to fly. While flying, hold up to go up, let go of up to go down.

-Press down to scroll through text.

-To use Twilight's spell, simply walk into her, and she'll locate a bunny for you.


I initially began working on this game in September 2011, by modifying the "MLP Platform Game Test" from April 2011. But then I put it on hold for various reasons. I was just going to abandon it, as I have several other projects in the works, but recently I decided I would just release it. It is not nearly the scope I had originally planned; it is basically just an updated version of the Platforming Game Test. Still, I hope you can find some enjoyment in it! :3

Since it's a fairly simple game I suggest you just relax and take in the music and rain sound effects, and look for those bunnies! (Unless of course it's late at night... the Everfree Forest can be a bit more menacing then...)

Please report any bugs you discover!

To mute music in game press 'm'.

To skip all cutscenes, press 's' at the title screen.

Current Version:

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you have no idea how nostalgic this game is too me this was something that was a part of my childhood and has never left me since all these years especially the music. ty for making and keeping this game up all these years.


I love this game, so beautiful <3

Omg I remember playing this game at my sisters' house on their old Windows XP computer(I played this game on another website,btw the website is: https://kiddy-games.com/)

Incredibly well made, wonderful animations, and fun secrets — an absolute classic!

Credits & Info

4.60 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2013
12:35 AM EST