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Zen Monks - Levitation

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Crazy Monks and their weird levitation techniques. Check out my youtube channel and subscribe for more silly animations. The channel is new, I have another youtube channel wih 5,000,000 views but is designed for locals, and is not in english.

www.youtube.com/HerbalToo ns (New channel, Support & Subscribe)
www.youtube.com/StonerDan ny420 (Local channel)
For more crazy stuff by Mr.Herbal go to www.facebook.com/MisterHe rbal42

Thanks for watching.

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Hmmm I see... its all makes sense now... very enlightening!

Hahaha, that was just awesome. :D Now I know their secret technique! Great concept, and a great animation of it. The unexpectedness is what makes the finale so entertaining. Anything with Zen would be a guaranteed hit, but this... it's something extra. :) Nice work!


That makes sense.

oi the animation was good and potty humor growin past blah blah blah... man a MAN never outgrows toilet jokes. this one was pretty darn good in terms of "what a twist" WAHAHAHAH

Well then...that escalated Very Quickly......