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Two Powers 2

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There are two sides of power: the outer and the inner. Master both to conquer ancient China! Using soldiers, conquer new provinces. Using spies, disclose enemy attack plans and kill their generals.

This turn-based strategy game is a sequel to Two Powers 1 where you have to conquer old Japan. Two Powers 2 is set to Warring States period in China.

So prepare your sword and charriot, the empire needs you to put an end to endless wars and unify all China!

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20 vs 8 I lost 8 they lost 2 and my guys retreated?! The 31 vs 14 on the same province and I lost 7 and they lost 1 and my troops retreated again! then they siege me with 16 vs 6 and I lose 2 and they lose 4 but my men flee!!!!! WTF is wrong with this shitty game!

strategy? no fucking way! I went from controling all but 5 provinces and having an army of 31 not counting all the troops defending (24) to an 18 strong army with no defeneders or money! fuck this trash!
this guy needs to stop and reconsider what the word STRATEGY means (spoiler alert, it doesn't mean the same thing as the word RANDOM!)