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Dungeon Defiler is an addictive dungeon crawler in which you'll explore labyrinthine dungeons and fight terrifying creatures to complete mysterious adventures that will test you in every corner.

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The game was interesting, but lacking. The randomness of the cards and the inability to purchase items from a shop made it so it's either impossible to get through fights or completely easy, even if it was the same enemy. If you're going to keep the card fighting style aspect, I'd suggest putting a shop in there, even if it's only accessible between quests. If I was about to go on a quest of possibly unspeakable peril, you better believe I'd stock up on some items. Even if it's just that after each one you automatically got 2 health potions and 2 armor repair on top of what ever you had left over.

Either that or look into a different battle system if you're going to make items so scarce so skill can be a factor when fighting, not just the randomness of shuffled cards.

why were their so many commercials?

Completely random and as far as I can tell the game is repetitive. The art is good and I'm sure you can have fun for about 10 minutes before you find this a bit boring...

... dam nthis is fun! i hope yo make some games like Hyptosis does ,though. With your artskill, that ould really e somethin. Maybe yu two could do a collaboration!!!! you ought to. it's awesome. just make sure that th story is NOT secondary to the gameplay. if you are giong to brtoher to hae story at all, then it should be first BFORe gameplay, okay? -aspirng writer-. igore the tyos; they aren;t typos, i have autism an soemtimes in my brain left andright switch and I pick the wrong letters. I'velearned to not just gobackwards and correct every little thng. I'd get nothing done! ;)

2 stars solely for some cool art and some okay story,combat is weak.

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3.22 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2013
4:41 AM EST
Adventure - RPG