King's Game 2

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Apprentice 5 Points

Use magic 5 times!

Banneret 5 Points

Kill 100 enemy soldiers!

Camper 5 Points

Burn to dust 10 bricks!

Criminal 5 Points

Kill 5 hostages!

Defender 5 Points

Survive 4 turns

Esquire 5 Points

Kill 5 enemy soldiers!

Field Commander 5 Points

Win 10 battles

General 5 Points

Win 30 battles

Good Aim 5 Points

Win in one shot 10 times!

Killer 5 Points

Kill 15 hostages!

Knight 5 Points

Kill 25 enemy soldiers!

Lucky 5 Points

Win in one shot!

Master Shooter 5 Points

Win in one shot 30 times!

Pacifist 5 Points

Lose 10 games!

Poacher 5 Points

Shoot down 10 birds!

Protector 5 Points

Survive 5 turns

Rookie 5 Points

Fire 10 cannonballs!

Sentinel 5 Points

Survive 3 turns

Serial Killer 5 Points

Kill 25 hostages!

Sholar 5 Points

Read help!

Shooter 5 Points

Win in one shot 20 times!

Supernova 5 Points

Burn to dust 150 bricks!

Archmage 10 Points

Use magic 50 times!

Bigwig 10 Points

Earn 10000 gold coins!

Bombardier 10 Points

Fire 250 cannonballs!

Bully 10 Points

Shoot down 5 birds!

Cannoneer 10 Points

Fire 150 cannonballs!

Fat Cat 10 Points

Earn 200000 gold coins!

Gunner 10 Points

Fire 50 cannonballs!

Hunter 10 Points

Shoot down 15 birds!

Landlord 10 Points

Gain 25 crowns!

Mage 10 Points

Use magic 15 times!

Magister 10 Points

Use magic 25 times!

Master of Arms 10 Points

Buy all of the ammo types at least once!

Master Protector 10 Points

Survive 6 turns

Moneybags 10 Points

Earn 50000 gold coins!

Psycho 10 Points

Kill 50 hostages!

Rich 10 Points

Earn 30000 gold coins!

Scorcher 10 Points

Burn to dust 30 bricks!

Sharpshooter 10 Points

Win in one shot 50 times!

Shield of the Realm 10 Points

Survive 7 turns

Storekeeper 10 Points

Unlock all slots!

Warmonger 10 Points

Win 50 battles

Captain 25 Points

Kill 350 enemy soldiers!

Lord of the Realm 25 Points

Gain 50 crowns!

Pyromaniac 25 Points

Burn to dust 100 bricks!

Vulcan 25 Points

Fire 350 cannonballs!

Warlord 25 Points

Kill 500 enemy soldiers!

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The game is good but sometime i got "bugs" like when i hit 2 magical box in the same time he use only one, or like in the level 21 of the 2nd part i get one shotted by the ennemy... i stopped played at that point.

Overall its a very fun and well made game :)

Cool game, highly enjoyable. Gets a little difficult though or at least, my not-killing the hostages more often depends on luck than wisdom. Also, it's very laggy, which brings down the overall experience. Will come back to finish this, though!

This is a really great game. something I thought was strange though you get a 10 point medal for 5 birds and a 5 point medal for 10 birds.... but what are you gonna do

survive 5,6 and 7 turns doesn't really make any sense to me...is that like half luck or something? because the force field only lasts for 2 turns...sooo :(. Aside from that, it was a fun game. I think if you had like some kind of boss who could eat dmg or something at the end of each world that would make it a little harder, i dunno if its a glitch or not, but once everything dies and i mean instantly dies, the princess' can no longer be hurt which is kinda funny, it made the game easy though :).

Woooo Me third place world high score

Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2013
5:58 AM EST
Strategy - Artillery