Clan Wars 2 - Red Reign

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Mighty River 25 Points

Complete Mighty River Level

Great Dunes 50 Points

Complete Great Dunes Level

Demon Rise 100 Points

Complete the Bonus Level - Demon Rise!

Supremecy 100 Points

Complete the Final Level

Undead Knights 100 Points

Complete the Bonus Level - Undead Knights

Author Comments

After more internal wars between each Goblin Clan it is time for you to lead your fellow Goblins to become ruler of the land. Be prepared to battle many clans in many different territories, learn new skills and spells, develop your hero and grow your strongholds.

Clan Wars 2 - Red Reign is an exciting side scrolling strategic fantasy war game. By using agressive tactics to conquer your foes and claim their lands as your own, you will be able to enjoy the many fun features of this game.

Some features of this game includes:
20 Different units ranging from Goblin to Dragon to Battle Troll.
12 Unique levels with their own heros.
A choice of up to 5 different heroes to use and control.
In game and out of game development systems

HINT: This is not a defense game, the aim is to destroy your enemies and not just defend from them. You are rewarded as you goblins bravely attack (the closer they die to your enemies castle the more experience, reputation and gold is awarded!).

Good luck Clan leader!

Hope you enjoy playing Clan Wars 2 - Red Reign.



lacks a speed button

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It's a nice game you've got there. You re-used most of the good ideas this genre of games have known such as experience to unlock more units, levels with skill points to unlock perks, etc...

On the bad side, you need to rewrite some of your texts. An example would be : "Know gobelin has ever seen his face". I think you meant "No" instead of "Know". Though this didn't really influence gameplay - it's about like refining your game - some people might consider skipping your game altogether if you let these little typos fly by.
Like most already commented : it's really too bad there is not keyboard shortcut for the hero actions, and no way to control your troops movement. Sure that would make later difficulty levels harder to program because you'd need to make an AI that has a strategy to make it perfect, but that's just the thing : the player could use that strategy too. You could build up troops to stand by your castle and then send them off to battle as one big army, or even wait for your hero to launch an attack. You could have them old off enemy troops at this advantageous point of the map (I'll come back to the maps a little later on).

Now, the good points were that you had multiple heroes with different possibilities, but get only to choose one, thus altering your whole game experience.
The maps were different for each level, which isn't seen much in the genre. It would have been even better if you were able to command your troops movement to make use of said customized terrains, but I've already expanded enough on the subject.
Now another good point was the story. Sure it wasn't a big background with lots of twists, but it was still much, much more than what this type of game is used to. I'm a fan of old games, and most of them didn't have much more of a story that yours do. A little background was given, mostly finishing by "And it's up to you, the player, to win !", and this is sufficient. You didn't overdo your story, and still didn't overlook it either.

In the end, I'm giving 4.5 stars to your game. You deserve them. You game is coherent and pleasant to play, doesn't overstep its place as a little flash game to become a level-grind fest. In short, it's not perfect but it's fun to play, and as such I'd say it earned its place on newgrounds.

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hey man,
i love your game but i can only have 1 save and even then it suddenly jumped back 5 lvls. its nothing to do with my cookies, can anyone help me out with this??? im a new member

Great game, could still use a little work its lags when there are a good number of troops on the field but other than that its great. Thanks.

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3.68 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2013
6:01 AM EST
Strategy - Other