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"Column" Trailer

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***Thanks SO MUCH to Tom for dealing with all of my annoying tech questions!

"Column" is a short film currently being produced that I am launching a kickstarter for. If you would like to contribute you can do so by going here http://www.kickstarter.co m/projects/1754939041/col umn

The short is going to run about 6-7 minutes and will take place in a post apocalyptic world, as well as a tangential universe that consists of two red rooms and a hallway.


Sounds 2001: Space Odyssey -ish. Good choice of music. Animation was fine (from what there was). I guess, more so, the art was intriguing. Especially the last frame of the guy standing next to the column. Took off a point because I really didn't like the abrupt cut of sound/video at the end. Should've let the music and "coming soon" play out or just faded the music. Kind of killed the vibe for me. That's just being picky though...I'm excited for the full project.

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I REALLY want to see what is up there. But... i'll quote ElricMasenko: "This looks interesting enough, but i don't think that being sponsored is going to help your cause"
If you want to be sponsored, helped or anything first you will need to keep growing, slowly, every time better. This is just like trying to jump some stages that are very tall. Do you get me?

Animation was good. I love the caracter but still your animation style makes him seeing "robotic"

I am not a good animator but i think i can talk about that easily enough. Keep up with this, looks interesting so far. It has a "sad" and "mythical" background, like... Why? WHy there is a column in the middle of nothing? If it is post apocaliptic, how that thing is unharmed? What was the use of hat thing? Who is the character? That things you didn't explained makes it looks strange and cool.

Good work.

Not everything has to be catchy. Those who are not intrigued are not as intelligent as they think. This looks interesting enough, but i don't think that being sponsored is going to help your cause unless your trying to get actually famous voice actors. I highly doubt and most animators don't make a trailer that askes for a handout. Column looks like it could be very interesting to watch but most animators work their way up to having status of being sponsored.

I've seen your submissions and before, i think you've only had one front page. Time will tell though.

I can definately understand why this made daily 3rd and not first,
Although the animation was 'okay' i would like to see some more action, make your character do something! interest the public, maybe... write a script.

You dont need money to be an artist.
How about you first make the film, and if i do like/love it.
THEN and ONLY THEN, will i reward you.

That seems fair right?

Anyway, back on topic,

I'm liking your animation as i said, now to give it some more spice.
Really interested in your next work.

I wish you the best of luck,

The D

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it should be longer

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3.64 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2013
12:28 AM EST