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Lunar Defender

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Author Comments

Lunar Defender is a flash game combining aspects of several popular arcade hits from back in the day known as: Defender, Lunar Lander, Asteroids, and Missile Command.

The objective is simple: Defend the colonists from being abducted whilst not getting destroyed yourself. Collect In-game resources to allow you to purchase a small set of upgrades to make defending colonists easier.

I highly recommend reading the quick-guide that pops up if you're confused. As it tells you everything you'll need to know about the game in a few clicks.

Spacebar - Liftoff
Left Mouse Button - Fire
W - Primary Thruster
A - Left Thruster (Rotate Right)
D - Right Thruster (Rotate Left)
S - Center lander (If in zero-G, S will activate reverse thrusters)
F - Missile Command mode (When purchased)
M - Mute Sound
P - Pause Game
Z - Enter the store (When landed)

My first game (and final project) freshmen year in college. I'm definitely not an artist and I know it. So I tried my best to keep it as "Old Age" as possible. I'm certainly not expecting a smash-hit but I do hope you enjoy :)

I do not know why, but Lunar Defender's frame rate will drop in Google Chrome web-browsers. I am working on finding a solution to the problem.

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The Game got the Boom 1nce yo play it like a tit.

At first: I was like,
"dafuq? Yo, where be my gunz bitznich! Give me back my quater".
Then I'z clicky on teh screen and
BOOM BITCH, I'm a god damm lawn mower now and dis Aliens be my bitch grass.

Than I was like,
"wtf man, where is the muathfuffin' ore"
So I went "F' It, Spaceships should fly like diamounds in da sun."
anz Boom! There be dah Assteroid Field giving me the ore like candy from a white van.
Buz Fukz, shipy likes da gas like a phat man in a all-u-can-stuff buffet.

it's good but shoting is too slow and too few enemies

i like this game, it has good graphics, and is fun, but would be better if you could buy on the market anywhere in space, because the game is very difficult as it is now

controls are really hard for a leftie
still a great game though! :D

Exonar responds:

What do Lefties usually use for directional keys? (For instance, Right-handed people usually use WSAD) I can add them in no sweat :)

i got 8 fps :(

Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2013
7:48 PM EST