Central Alien Agency

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You must prevent galactic conflict.

WASD to Move.
Mouse to Shoot.
R or Shift to Reload
S key to repair the UFO.
Number keys or Q and E to change weapons.


Nice little, well done, nicely animated and bug free gameplay but a little bit lacking in variety I hope the next part is more active, maybe different missions with a wave limit to get thing repaired/done ?

Great time waster its i like the different weapons took me about 40 mins and 25 waves

Good game sir u had me hooked for hours took me 28 swarms but i beat the game with 1 death.. i don't see anything wrong here.. shoot the game was still a challenge with all weapons and power ups i was like O.o dafuq... but yea i love the game hope u continue this

Was alright, passed some time. Not what i'd want to hear if i'd spent ages making a game... concept is lacking and tired. Although the controls were alright and the upgrade system fluid and having purpose there was still an air of 'haste' in the game. 6 guns in the whole game? 1 small level, ufo takes so long to repair i actually get bored, open a new window to browse news articles whilst shooting aliens... next one should be so much more expansive, dream BIG brotha!

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its not bad, plays just like dude n zombie. concept could have been used with more original gameplay.

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3.43 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2013
3:06 AM EST
Action - Other