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Madness: Proyect deimos

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In most of the stories, is the star hank ...
as this will is over ...
Why not give the opportunity to another?
remember that his comrades are:
* sanford
* deimos
and my favorite character is "deimos" he creare his own story, where the main character be ..
but that will not sanford deimos ... they will share in scenes struggle with the ...
the objective is to defeat the clones deimos and destroy the factory, but in the chaos, she meets a boy who was being punished for one of the clones ...
saves him, covering him agradese this what your back.
Who is this guy?
Nothing more than, sanford ...
to if known (in my story) this couple to defeat this wave of killings ....


I hate the music, the animation is okay, the storyline is a clone of MC 6.5, That one AK Appeared out of nowhere, and the ending is shit.

sigo diciendo mejora la animacion de movimiento

Nice job deimos my friend!

The protagonists (sanford & deimos) look somehow crappy. The L33Ts weren't that bad after all...


R.I.P Madness Combat Community

Deimos and Sanford is original characters you faggot , oh yes using a original characters and
making shitty clone of famous Madness Combat , the animation is shitty , and why the hell you
make a movie clip to feets move , animation looks like a shit , bad , bad , bad , and once again bad.
The music is not bad but is bad for madness animations.
The ideas is most shitty , clones of Deimos , Sanford is a prisoner , What happened to the Hank , 1337 survived the explosion , AR-15 without clip , and the much more of purest shit.
Im dont know how the hell make a shitty flash and submit to the newgrounds , after this tell everyone.
`MadsuZ flasz wote 5 or Vote tehg 10 k`
And when someone tell true about bad movie
`Fuc y00 iM tehg PrO bt0 u aR heter go to HaLL FaGGG0t`

I`m just tell true about retarded madness community and this shitty `animation`.

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3.22 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2013
11:44 PM EST