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Millions of Zombies

rated 3.10 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Jan 2, 2013 | 7:42 PM EST

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Author Comments

Online Action RPG
-Try to survive as long as possible against millions of zombies
-Extensive item system features literally millions of items to acquire
-Sell your loot to other players and buy new equipment via an open marketplace
-Tons of new features are being added every month

New release - January 4th 2013

New Feature : now using facebook login for facebook version.
New Feature : added an option screen where we can, for now, calibrate sound volume.
Improvement : Added better feedback when out of energy.
Improvement : Added better error login on the server side. Will help me to fix server side bugs.
Improvement : The equip button no longer appear if the character does not meet requirements to equip an item.
Improvement : Made it easier to see the time remaining to cooldowns.
Bugfix : fixed a bug where it was possible to finish a night in 2 seconds and exploit this until infinity.
Bugfix : fixed a bug where if you clicked the store during the countdown to the next night you would lose your progress.
Bugfix : fixed a bug with the search engine in the marketplace.
Bugfix : fixed a small bug in firefox where the night text would not update when changing night in the overworld.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Its a good idea and already kinda nice for a beta version but PLEASE add a option menu with graphic and sound options


Rated 0 / 5 stars



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Well.. I really, really wanted to like the game.. But it still needs some work. Because you asked so nicely in your beta info in the game I am running this on Chrome in xp pro.

For me the biggest thing was that it runs horribly slow.. I don't know why, because it wasn't draining any of my resources.

My next big issue was that the game would sometimes get caught in a loop and fire several times from a single click on the players part. With the silly mana as ammo this got really annoying really fast. Because even using melee weapons mana could be drained quite quickly.

On those lines as you leveled up the mana (or i guess you call it EP) doesn't seem to increase. This is definitely something that should be happening (or the regeneration times for the items should be going down).

Further I encountered a server error (unable to contact server) while finishing a level, which not only locked up the game but killed my progress as well (which sucks). Speaking of loosing progress, if you go to the menu/merch screen during a level the progress for the level is lost. Even when you have already finished the level and the countdown is on. This kind of sucks, and I found out the hard way. With everything going so slowly loosing a level is quite disheartening.

What do the stats mean? Even though as things stand we have no power over which stats go up when I am selecting an item to use I would like to know what practical effect it will have. If you constantly use a weapon why don't the stats for that weapon increase as you level up? Are these only effected by items? Why is the skills tab locked? The ladders? (what is that anyhow?).

So what do I like?

I like the items and the system for unique and unusual items (reminds me of diablo). However, I don't like the auction/salvage system. The only way to get items you don't find is through this and the values people place on items is rather random. Salvage gives you a good price but it doesn't tell you what it is. I use the salvage feature rather than messing with the auction feature. Perhaps if you gave us salvage values we would have a better idea what they should be auctioned for. As well.. How rare is the item? And I don't just mean is it a special item, but how often is that item type encountered. For example I have yet to come across body armor, that may go for more at auction.

I also like the overall equipment setup. Again reminiscent of many third person RPGs. However, here as well I would like to see more, like see the player while playing for example.

Bah, like I said, I really want to like it, but it has a ways to go. I suppose though, the fact that I am still playing it does say something. Also, as far as beta testing goes I am not too fond of having to create an account and share an e-mail address. Soooo.. I am going to currently give this 2.5 stars but I am going to watch and see how it progresses. it may ultimately end up being quite the game.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like what you are going for in the game. There is a ton of stuff in this and i have only skimmed the first few levels of it. I can see some of the balance issues you are talking about. I dont really know if you get bonus points for staying out longer without going to equip again. I know that one night i tried to go for a third round but nothing came. I have also picked up a few items while killing and when i went to my inventory they were not there. Mainly 2 assault rifles. Do like the energy system although with so few perks towards it at the moment its easy to find yourself getting overrun at the end of a second round. I am assuming that when the skill menu opens there will be something towards that.

Overall I really like what your going for on this and look forward to seeing what all is added in the time to come and after judgement is passed. You will likely hear from me again


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not my sort of games as it seemed a repetitive just clicking my mouse over and over again, no real strategy involved. Though others might like this game if they're just looking to kill a few minutes.