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Attack ofthe Giant Llamas

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The Ferocious Giant Llamas are on a rampage! You must warn the villagers living on the mountain before they are destroyed. Watch out for the rolling boulders and for the Llama's fiery breath!

Mouse click to accellerate car, release to roll back.

This game was originally developed in 48 hours for the FGL game development contest, but I ended up liking the concept enough to add some extra levels, each with their own flavor of the basic gameplay, together with music, sound effects, and leaderboards.

Enjoy, and remember - the Llama is always right!


Love the vibe/mood of the game. The art and music fit very well together.

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Frederik77 responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you do!

Love the idea of the whole game

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Frederik77 responds:

That's good to hear!

finally the courage to reveal the menacing evil of llamas like chewing gum without sharing

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Frederik77 responds:

Yeah, that's undiluted evil for you >:)

What a creative pretext xD. As an alpaca, this game specifically tugs at my heartstrings as I see my furry four legged brethren wreck havoc upon mankind. That said, I shall get down to business.

The game itself, despite the difficulty is quite enjoyable. I love the music, and as you stated in the notes, different levels have a different feel to them. I personally found the controls to be intuitive, which is a plus. As far as gripes go, I think that it's a bit of a bummer that there's no free play option for those that want to go through the whole game instead of trying to get the highest score, as I would've liked to see the other levels that you've designed (in playing the game, I only ever got up to level 2). At the same time, I think the falling rocks in level one are a bit too punishing. As they don't disappear when they hit you, they continue to take your life as they slide down, meaning they can instantly kill you or leave you at just one life if you happen to touch them once. This may be logical in real life, but it's a bit harsh for the first level, don't you think? xD (Especially since the second level's flaming meteors do not do the same thing)

That said, my overall impression of the game was very positive...keep up the good work :3

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Frederik77 responds:

Thanks for the detailed review, FreedomAlpaca, and for the extended diplomatic llama foot. It's good to know that there are reasonable individuals within the herd, who would not partake in the savagery.

I hear what you say about the falling rocks. There are three of them, and each one can cost a life, so if you're particularly unlucky and get hit by all of them, the game can end very quickly.

A level selection screen for players who just want to try the different levels is also a good idea, although completing the game is not impossible, especially after a few attempts.

Glad you got a positive impression. Please stay tuned for more games in 2013 :)

its a pretty neat game i like it hope to see more of your work keep it up

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Frederik77 responds:

Thank you, I will ;)

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4.42 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2012
8:09 PM EST
Action - Other