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Smurfs' Last Christmas

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The evil Gargamel has captured the smurfs. Help Clumsy rescue them!

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Ok lets start from the beging, it is christmas eve im trimming my yuletide log maintenance style when retardedly, the spirit of the holidays started coming inside me like a demon possesion and i felt the need to go to newsgrounds dot com (as created in his one true vision by thomas fulp). I search the "search bar search enginge function" on the northern hemisvere of my screen, in hopes to search for a christmass game, and needles to say i didnt find a fucking thing i wanted . crestfallen but not disheartened i pushed on. READER, HERE COMES THE WORST MISTAKE YOUVE EVER F UCKEN SEEN. Now, me being a products of the 80s (SALUTE NASTALGIA FANS, WEVE GOT THIS ONE COVERED) (HITS EVERY NOTE) (CAN I HERE IT FOR NITEDO AND MAIRO) (REST EASY GAMING) (FANS) where was i wtf. uhhhh oh right i was the last aribender of sorts (rest easy animation fans) and i grew up on a diet of GI JOE AND GREEN LOVERS ALIKE. And moe impordidly as related to my review therein, the smurves. Now imagine my, oh, i dont know, 2 seconds of glee as my eyewholes make contact with these letters :("{Smurfs' Last Christmas}") I know stupid right. i figured i wouldnt get raped 2 years in a row by this stupid website. now if you refure to my alternate review account "ZELTAMALE" about a little number called turkey takes guts not to be to coinfused with turkey fucks butts youll remember i praised that games shitliness to high charity and back to the tune of a 6 paragraph s-a (sexual assult fans rest easy) (HITS EVERY NOTE) () ANYWHO! thats enough dawdlink if you referee back to my reeview you'll note how a few sacred cows were slain up/on not only the events witch brought unto me playiomg the game itse lf but as well as (its christmas for cryin gout loud) the game its elf. so lets take u back to the past, big hoss my brothers! only our enemies would make a gamne as shit as turket tom fulps but hear we sit playing and in awe of the total rekall of a shit house oif a gamee. fucjk ths game for life holy cow. i loved the smurfas and this reuins everytyhing iu loved first of all why did that bastard jewish man garbege smell not have sex with smurffiana like i was promised in the thumbnail byu "***agames!" and may i just say it is a sad day when a racist gets to burn the midnight oil and rape and pilalge my neloved childhood nostalger cartoon. Now i had reservatiuns about this game until my fvaorite lets player stephanie bri (https://www.youtube.com/@stephaniebri5837) shes very snmart andhas good opinions thats why i listen to everything she says, ffor sher is right. especially her vide titled" WHAT THE FUCK IS EVEN IS SMURVES??????" https://youtu.be/HLVe9Jwhirk?si=crEmTZQrF3G1BiM6 ANYWHO IM STARTING THE NEW YEAR OFF WITH A BANG IN THE WIND WITH THIS GAME FUCK THIUS WHEN GRUMPY SMURF SAID I HATE CHRISTMAS I KNEW THIS GAME WAS GONNA BE SHIT PAWPAW SMERF WOULD NOT HAVE EVEN INVITE HIM>???? ARE YOU MAD???? HOW CAN U MAKE A SMURG GAEM AND NOTMKNOW THIS WAS THE DEVELOPER A FAN OF PISSING ME OFF?????????? HOLY HELL IM SO FREAKIN PISSSSSED GOD. FUCKTHIS AND FUCK U FOR MAKING IT YOU NONCE PEDOPHILE CREEP!!! all and all this made chirstmas stink so i must blam u fuck u ! u assheole thanks (btw while raging my mommy beat the snot out of my ass until persimmons persisted from mmy back side woooooooooooooooooooow thanks and just when i got out of timeout. u fucken nnce pedophile alt right RAPEUBLICAN proud boy neo nazi transphobe homophobe revisionist nazi sympathizer holocaust denier. fuck you dude die u pedofile u problably saY THE N WORD U FUCKING BLACK GUY!

awesome game, it's funny how clumsy's eyes turn yellow when standing still then go back to white

good game

I love inka game but this one was weaker. How were we supposed to guess for the bath tub?

I got to say, although I enjoy all INKA games, I always end up looking for a walkthrough after a few minutes of play. Hopefully there's some ways to improve that.

Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2012
2:35 PM EST