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Santa’s Castle Defense

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Author Comments

Santa's elves have been infected resulting in zombie-like symptoms. Prevent the destruction of Santa's home in this castle defense game. Use various upgrades to help you blast those zombie elves away. Happy Holidays from Cosmo Arcade!
Simple but sweet.

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A pretty entertaining game, says the hour of gameplay I put into this. Could of been many more hours if there were more than 3 different zombies that did more than just shamble toward your castle. What I really didn't like was the difficulty gaps and overall how difficult the game was. The very first few waves were appropriate but then it suddenly gets much harder, though once I got the elf bombers the rest of the game was far too easy, and once you get the turrets in combination with the elf bombers, you have nothing left to do but pick up candy canes and watch as there is nearly no need to participate in the fight.

Overall, the game was too short with odd difficulty gaps and eventually just too easy once you purchase all the upgrades available.

cosmoarcade responds:

thanks!! this was our second game... we just need some practice and i'm sure we'll be making sweet stuff in no time!!

every time i click a button the game freezes for about 12+ sec, but the game itself is not that bad. 2 stars for the effort

cosmoarcade responds:

rate a game poorly as a result of your crappy computer... niceeeeeeeeeeeee bruuu

Good game but it could use some bosses. and for the game if u want good defence get spikes and steel door(:

cosmoarcade responds:

good idea! bosses will most definitely be in my next game like this!!!

nicely put together, just a crappy way to mkae gameplay

cosmoarcade responds:

can you elaborate on what you didn't like so we can improve our future games?

thanks bud

Thank you for submitting your game to NG! Now onto the review.

The game at the start was very slow. Then between level 3 and 4 it seemed to rapidly increase. I think you need a more stable increase. The graphics and animation was nice, but Santa didn't have much movement to him. The gun looked nice and shot nicely.The upgrades took a while to get. The zombie elves definitely need more variety. You also need an attention grabber, the user was not wrong below when he said there is so much more competition out there. The actual game play was fun though, The currency was interesting and unique, and the sound and music were great. It was an over all average tower defense game.
I liked it and enjoyed it though. I'm going to give it a 3.5 because there was not much variety, the difficulty was odd, and because the upgrades were kind of slow. On the up hand the music and gameplay were both smooth, and the gun and currency were unique.
Happy New years

cosmoarcade responds:

fantastic review -- many thanks!! I'll definitely keep this in consideration for my upcoming games


Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2012
3:29 AM EST