Resident Evil Freedom

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This is my very first game that took about 2weeks to make.This is a first person shooter that is a mix between resident evil and doom. The creator of damnation help me out with the action scripting.

If you have lag try doing the following:

close any windows or programs not needed
set quality down
and for a last resort, restart comp

Game info:
There are 3 possible endings
There are 4 weapons
And a bonus level

This is my second time submiting this game, People were saying it was to hard so I made the monsters have less life, cut back on the lag and lower the file size by a bit.

I just added a skip intro button and a button to get out of shooting range. I also did a bit of sound change

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It's not bad but it could use some work. Pretty good game!

Piss poor game, graphics are passable for 2002 newgrounds, the game is far too hard normal zombies taking 13 shots, farmer joe taking 30 or and ugly fucking tyant like monster taking 60.

Not the first time I played this, but it will be the last.

Hey Dude! Do you mind if i make a Letsplay on this?

life with re1 alone in the haunted