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oppan gangnam dance

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loser 5 Points

lose the game

gangnam session 50 Points

finish a dance session

great job 50 Points

get A rank or better

king of dance 100 Points

No miss in one game session

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

play as Psy dance around in Gangnam dsitrict with its hillarious style

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when you get use to the controls its a bit easier but pretty good!!

it could be much easier if the arrows would be in correct order.

Funny! The pictures behind can confuse!

This is just the n-th keyboard based DDR-clone. You made neither improvements to the original concept nor did you do anything original with it.

For the convenience, my specific complaints are:
- There is only a single level with a single song.
- The song is mainstream (and meanwhile hated by a fair share of the planets population) while you had a giant selection of great new songs at your disposal right here at Newgrounds' very own Audio Portal, where great artists offer their new and original work for free.
- The character is able to be moved behind the arrows, making it harder to get the timing right.
- The character moves at least twice the speed he should be to be in sync with the tact.
- Speaking of sync: There is no relation whatsoever between the track and the moves. It seems almost as if they were randomly generated.
- When you fail, because of having no life left, there is no message indicating that. At first I was under the impression the "gangnam session" medal was broken, because I clearly finished the session...
- The secret medals are way to straightforward and are no challenge at all. There's also no relation to the game itself and also no challenge. You could as well have put in two buttons that grant the medals just by pressing them.

There are also some points outside of the game but related to it nonetheless:
- "Tags: funny"? The only thing about this that seems funny to me is, how you thought tagging it this way would be a good idea... The game has nothing humoristic about it.
- Author Comments: "play as Psy dance around in Gangnam dsitrict with its hillarious style". The first word of the sentence isn't capitalized, "dsitrict", "its" (should be "his"), "hillarious" and no Period. This is something very minor and typos happen to the best of us. I wouldn't have said anything about it, if it wouldn't fit the picture so perfectly: You wrote only a single sentence to describe your game and made 5 typos. It would have taken maybe a minute to spell-check it, but you just hit "submit" and never looked at it again. The very same lack of attention and affection for your own game shows in your work as well. I'm serious: I find it hard to understand why you even program games at all...
- The game is online since December 2012 and you haven't answered to a single one of the reviews. I'm not saying "this game sucks" (actual quote) deserves any reply or consideration, but some users already passed first grade and make good points in their reviews. It is as if you submitted the game and with that you're 'done' and don't care anymore.

And now something for my fellow medal-hunters:
I achieved 4,330 Points (S rank) easily with the following technique: Place your fingers so that you can hit up&right and down&left with the same 'keystroke'. Hit them fast and alternating (as if playing a tiny drum).
This works because there is no penalty for hitting the wrong key. Again: Lack of attention to his own game...

Lame and boring as hell