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Hi! I hope you enjoy this movie, even if it's the 857058508th Zelda Parody here!
Everything has been made by me. I would love to make more Parodies, and if you have an idea what i should take on next, let me know!

Thanks for watching and greeting from Holland! :D


Loved it! I wish I had money for everytime I went threw the same crap on a Zelda game. Nicely done! : )

This happens every time I play a Zelda game. I use every possible weapon against something and nothing happens. Then I remember how to get bast the obstacle and feel like a complete idiot. Nice work!

Rafiles responds:

Haha, i know how you feel, you're not the only one here! I always managed to use the correct item as last...That's how i came up with this idea xD. based on a true Noobish story! Thank you for your review!

The Legend of Zelda series gets too many parodies, but you covered a different topic. The voice work was good including all the grunts to fit his emotions.

Rafiles responds:

Thank you for your review! I was thinking about that the same way. I've seen excellent Zelda parodies, but in most of them, Link can talk. I try to stay as close as possible to the original game.

That was brilliant, I laughed alot! :D
It was worth my 5 clicks today and the 5 points I gave you for that.

Rafiles responds:

Cool!, thank you for your support! I'm glad you enjoyed it, makes it worth my time making this :)

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Dec 12, 2012
3:26 PM EST
Comedy - Parody