Project 9 (Zombies)

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Clay animation music video for "Project 9" by Zombaxx.

Music - Maxx Pirtle
Animation - Maxx Pirtle, Anthony Rogers
Clay Artists - Maxx Pirtle, Anthony Rogers, Cale Osburn
Editing - Anthony Rogers
Special Effects / Intro Animation - Anthony Rogers
Story - Maxx Pirtle


This is really awesome. I can tell you put ALOT of effort into it. 5/5 and favorited.

This looks really good, i don't want to sound like I'm criticizing but i used to work with a few claymation artists. A good suggestion is when your making hte models, wear rubbed gloves, it removes the grainy look the models get during creation, though im not sure if that was the intended look. Awesome work though ^_^

Loved it man! Keep em' coming because that was truly fun to watch! Something to keep in mind for future ones would be to add in some sound effects. I do appreciate the work put into this by replaying it!

good job but how do u post a claymation to new grounds

It's not terrible. I do understand what's actually happening in the storyline so that's a plus. I give 3.5 stars because it does look as though a little kid made it, but that's the point I assume [?] because it is pretty cool, and I know it takes a lot of time to create the characters, and make the slides because there are probably 1000 frames in this small clip. I do appreciate that you took the time to do one, but I do however recommned trying to make the characters out of Polymer Clay. You don't even really need to bake it, and to keep the clay clean. The only thing I really didn't like about this clay is that colors stick to each other and then you have random spots of color in the wrong places [ex. green spot on left arm when skin is tan, and shirt is yellow] - that's all really, and to [try] making the characters more detailed if possible....think like a producer. I think if you did that then you'd get really popular and could make something similar to Robot Chicken crossed with a Walking Dead claymation. Keep it up! - A. Analise

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3.38 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2012
6:20 AM EST
Music Video