Sole Gunner

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Author Comments

(This game is a tribute to Gunstar Heroes and all the classics that my favourite game company Treasure made. It's also got little shout outs to over games as well.)

Yes, I know stuff is missing and some stuff could be done better, but it's just a little flash project I wanted to really do for myself. It's a mix between, Gunstar, Megaman and Contra.)

(If you like this game, or any classic 16 bit, run 'n' gun games, please help me fund a fully featured game through Kickstarter!)

http://www.kickstarter.co m/projects/sinclairian/tw in-gunners

Arrows: Move/Aim
A: Jump
S: Shoot
Stand over the item and press the down key.
Press the backspace key.

Well, it's finally done. I know it's a bit late but I ran into some issues like you do. Anyway it's all there, four big levels, lots of bosses and some retro action sprinkled on top.

It's pretty difficult but there is unlimited continues to counter balance that aspect. I've added medals and extras to unlock for you peeps who enjoy that sort of thing.

It's a big, CPU heavy game, so if you're experiencing lag, you can download the standalone offline exe for free. (You could also resize the game by 2x to it's native 320x224 resolution.)

Here is the stand-alone:

Anyway, I hope you like it, it took a while to make and I have put a lot of effort into this, (about four months worth really.) So yeah, hope you enjoy.



I think of Mega-man when playing this game, and that is 100% a good thing. The game is fun and high on the action. There's only one issue. The movement is so stiff. When doing anything, you move like a tank, which is not preferred in a side scrolling shooter where the enemies generally try to maul you with a screen-full of attacks. That aside, this game is a fun experience and I'm glad to have played it.

... *head explodes because this game is too awesome for me to look at*

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I really liked this game. Lasher14 got a pretty good review, but the thing that i didn't like is the pace of the game. In some points, you need to act quick, and don't have the time to think, while in some others you had to be calm and use refexes. Sometimes, this moments overlapped, rendering almost impossible not to get hit.

Okay, I really liked this game. I'll write what I liked about it, and how I feel you can improve. This is a solid game, easily worth 4 stars. I wish more games on this site were as good as this.
Graphics were good, though not quite great. I love 16 bit, but the main character was a little lacking in detail. Still overall they were very good, and nothing to sneer at.
Music was solid as well. None of the background music felt out of place, and I enjoyed it. The music blended in very well with each stage, and I like the option for the sound test. Takes me back.
Controls - The actual controls were fine for me, arrows to move, A, S, etc... I never had a problem picking anything up or moving around the stage. However, I did have some trouble with some of the jumps in the game. I don't if some of the jumps are meant to be very difficult (such as getting high enough to progress), or if that was something that might have been overlooked. I think if the I could have jumped just a hair higher and farther, or had more control over how high I went, it would have been perfect. Otherwise, controls were good.
Alright, onto the meat of the game.
Content was good. Very good. I liked the simple story, but I believe I caught a spelling or grammar error in the intro - I can't check right now without stopping this review. I liked the upgrades, the simple yet dangerous enemies, the stages, the variety in stages, and especially the bosses. You did a really fantastic job making the stages different and making some very good bosses. That is easily the best part of this game. Not to say the rest is bad, it isn't at all, but the bosses were above and beyond in all respects. You did a very good job with them.
Continuing, I liked that after killing a boss I immediately moved forward. It gave each stage a strong sense of continuity that I really liked. That said, I think a health refill should have happened after each boss fight. At one point I beat a boss and had 8 hp. I just killed myself right away rather than try to progress since I knew I'd restart with 100.
About the difficulty, I think for the most part, the difficulty was okay. In terms of how strong each enemy and boss was, and how much damage they did, it was okay. The problem came from certain attacks or hits that were very difficult to avoid. One part in particular was while climbing the tower in stage 2 - I had a lot of trouble avoiding or killing the enemies that shot out of the walls, and at that point the game didn't feel fair. I also had some trouble in the underwater portions with the mines. However, for instance, the "Missile"(?) or spike in stage 2 was fine though, because alarms went off before it shot. So you have the right idea where it needs to be.

Overall, this game was very good, and presents a strong showing in the traditional run and gun genre, and does a great job hearkening back to the 16 bit era. I hope you can either continue it, or make a sequel.

Lastly, I believe I found a bug that is... rather frustrating. I was unable to move left or right and fire the Flamethrower at the same time. That included jumping. I could jump up and down, but not left and right. Given the necessity of jumping and shooting, you can probably understand why this is a bad bug. That's all I found though.

Great work!

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SinclairStrange responds:

That was such a great review! Noted everything from there, if I ever make a sequel or another game similar to this, I'll be taking note of this review.

(Although the flamethrower was supposed to stop you moving, I should of explained it better tbh.)

Thanks again! =)

you made it control like an emulator,(fusion to be exact)plus!you gave it that classic sega feel,plus!you made the levels EXTREMELY challenging forcing you to memorize EVERYTHING!! minus

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3.74 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2012
9:28 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun