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Whatever Planet - Alpha

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Author Comments


This is my first project (also my first game), so please, give me some constructive feedback. There are a lot of bugs during the gameplay and the game is a little (or maybe a lot) laggy, it's far from finished (really far), so please be patiance. CONTROLS:

Directional Keys: Movement
Space: Interactions
X: Attack

I DO NOT own the music, the credits goes to Rare (Banjo-Kazooie)

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So, brace yourself for it.

D'awwwwww! Cute little whatever the heck that thing is. :>
I like the artwork, and nothing more needs to be said. It's cute and colorful. Particularly the eyes.

I did find several things which bugged me. Firstly, you didn't tell me how to attack. So I had to figure it out after dying twice. :(
Secondly, I'm still respawning at the beginning of the level, despite having gone a decent distance into it. That's a long walk!
Thirdly, you never told me that honey hurts.
Fourthly, when I got up to the tree platform, I fell and then tried to get back on it. I glitched into it, walking perfectly normally, and even passing the barrier that supposedly inhibited movement.
Fifth, I dun have an espaco key. :>
Sixth, I have no idea who my little critter is. Nor a title screen. Nor any backstory for that matter. Just feels a little odd that I find myself controlling a baby something with no reason why.
And finally, seventh, it's unclear what the mana vial things (I assume thats what they are?) and the tea leaves do. I never finished a level, so it might be used for calculation at the end.

Finish ett! Make it better and cuter!

MrAllanDelon responds:

Thank you so much for your comment ^^ Really apreciated it...This is actually a game programming school work, and I really want to finish it. There's a story behind every single thing in the game, but I still need to make the cinematics and stuff, and I will (: Also it looks like I need an English version for the game haha I'm brazilian, so it's in portuguese (espaço is actually space haha so it's the space key)...But your comment was really constructive, it helped a lot. And I liked the fact that you consider my character cute haha Thank you, I'll go after the stuff you indicated ^^ Cya! Oh, and I almost forgot, but the "mana vials" are necessary to complete the level, and the tea leaves can be exchanged by one mana vial in that green girl ^^ (using the space key) x) Thank you for playing it

Seems like an interesting concept and could become a fun game once everything is worked out.

MrAllanDelon responds:

Thank you for your opinion and for rating the game (: I uploaded the game to learn more about Newgrounds and how it works, and comments like yours give me more energy to make something playable. Cya!

This is a really good game!
And what makes it greater, it's your first game :D

MrAllanDelon responds:

Thank you for your comment and for playing the game!

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2012
7:51 PM EST