Treasure Tower Trouble

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Climb as high as you can in a jungle tower with infinite floors, collecting as much treasure as you can before the tower sinks into the swamp!
Use each unique abilities to climb higher, jump off walls and climb up ledges, and get caught in the rising water!
Try and unlock all 10 characters!
Read about my upcoming games at dustinauxier.com!

Default Controls:
Arrow Keys + Z and X
WASD + K and L.
Controls can also be customized in-game.


Not bad whatsoever

Started out as a really fun game 10/10
I liked how all characters high score contributed to your total high score.
I thought the mage was a little op compared to the other characters until I unlocked the engineer...

just... dude wat were you thinking?
Either give his JP a recharge time, or make him die from bats, that would solve that problem.
the engineer totally ruined the game making it far to easy and all my other high scores irrelevant compared to his.

Also there's a bug where I reached the top of the tower and it teleports me into the water.

if your going to work on the game some more, make some harder challenges, i enjoyed the game (besides the obvious mistakes) and wish it took longer then 30minutes to complete.

fun, but is the engineer supposed to be totally broken? I got 2 million points without breaking a sweat. and only stopped because It got kind of boring just flying up

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nice game Loved it and I unlocked all but the last character but I is an amazing game and btw I checked out your site and I hope you make more of these games Alzander out.

good game but kept die ing

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3.47 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2012
1:43 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other