Grand Trader

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Create your own business.
Earn money to dispose of them.
Become the richest.


Nice idea, I like it. But the GUI could be better. More cities would be nice. Possibly the ability to hire would be nice too. Or maybe limits to things like quantity so there can be more upgrades. The bank is definitely a plus. An annual income tax, and/or commerce tax, and/or capital gains tax would be interesting as well. Definitely a good job though, just seems like it needs a little more development.

Ok, so I played it for a while and thought I would make a review.

Things to improve:
1. A menu beside the buy menu, that show the most amount of money that you have spent on that particular item. That way you will know how much you must sell it for to gain profit without you having to write it down separately.

2. Money left after purchase should be shown, just so you know how much money will be left.

3. A separation of numbers, like instead of $14563325455 it could be like this for easier reading $14,563,325,455.

4. The quantity of one´s items should be shown separately so that you can keep the same amount that you want to buy without it changing in the "buy-quantity" manu. Like this:
Quantity: 400 Buy-quantity: 20 BUY SELL

5. It would be nice ti be able to loan money even if you have no property to live in. Because when you´re fresh in the game, that´s when you need money, not later when you have like a billion-zillion-gadrillion dollars.

6. A spell check in some places would be nice. Sale should be Sell. Especially the help manu needs some cleaning up.

7. The flying is to expensive as of now. It should be like 200:- or 100:- otherwise you spend to much money on flying around trying to find the good prices. It could even be like if there is a place with especially good prices, then make it more expensive to go to better places. Like somewhat good prices = 100:- and better places = 500:- etc.

8. Cheaper houses if you want to keep the system where you have to have a house to be able to get a loan. Otherwise when you finally get a house you wont need a loan anymore as mentioned above.

9. A bug I found is that when your car gets stolen in the menu it stills says that you have a car.

10. A fun feature would be if you could pay someone in the game later to get more frequent price changes and stuff. That would make the game more fast paced later and also it would make it an option to spend money on something later in the game, so it would be wise to make it a bit pricey to only make it available later.

11. If you buy a plane it should lower the cost of flying and when you have the most expensive one, it should be free.

12. A pop-up when you hover over cities to go to, that shows the prices for all the stuff there. It should only come up if you have visited the city already. If there is commodity changes, the you would have to visit that city again to see the pop-up. That way you can keep track where you have bin and also keep track over prices that you have use for.

Hope you liked my review and keep making games because it is a fun game, it only has some flaws for you to iron out. Keep it up =D The second game you make, will perhaps be a smaller masterpiece.

Well, have a nice one!

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i really like a lot of what meandnooneelse had to say what i would add would be a save button so i could walk away and come back later it takes a while to get going

It's basically that old DOS game where you sell drugs and travel around...y'know, Dope Wars or whatever. But instead of feeling cool and rebellious in a rich world of danger, I feel like I'm a 48 year old, balding, business accountant.

Do not like that the game defaults to total amounts of stock when buying and selling. I wish there was a way to compare and track values better than just trying to remember them, too.
I bought a lot of oil, and found that I had to save 500 for travel...which I didn't have. Perhaps there should have been cheaper options for this...and many other things, too, which cost quite a bit...and actually seem to serve little purpose.
I am a fan of this style of game, I just don't think there was enough content here to hold my interest for long.

out of 10...

gfx - 4 (ugly edges, bland GUI)
sfx - 3 (only sound is 1 clicking nouse)
design - 5 (pointless options, boring presentation)
gameplay - 3 (bland, frustrating)

overall, this isn't a game i could even spend five minutes playing because I know the investment isn't worth the payout. I think it's a great idea, as I said: I love this style of game. I just think this could be improved in so many ways and doesn't feel like a complete game. Feels more like it was in alpha stages, and you were too excited to wait.

Max quantiy 2000000000, is to little.

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2.40 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2012
5:41 AM EST
Strategy - Other