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Tincan 2

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Congrats to Matt33, for being the first person to complete Stages 1 - 7 with 0 deaths! That's INSANE, I never thought anyone would accomplish it!

A difficult platformer revolving around the blue box named "Tincan". Navigate Tincan through 7 stages, each one becoming more impossible than the last. With the aid of spring boards and TNT, Tincan must now also avoid moving spikes and lasers. Tincan 2 features exciting music by Zack Harmon and graphics by Noel Berry.

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Well, after my playthrough, I feel like I should give my review on the game as a whole. It's definitely hard; I rarely ever ragequit a game unless it's crappy or I don't have time. Or both.

Music-I mentioned the music before and how annoying it was. Thing is, that's what makes the music so fitting. It was irritating almost to the point where you turn it off, but not quite, so it couldn't have been better in that respect.

Idea-Not too much to say here. It's a little generic, what with spikes and lasers being the only obstacles that can kill you, but funnily enough I don't mind. The way the spikes moved from side to side and even jumped up and down caught me a little off guard, I have to admit. Also, I don't know how many others noticed this (probably a lot) but all the levels are in one big level with multiple screens! It's a little detail, but it's quite cool once you notice it.

Gameplay-Well, I'd be lying if I said it was easy. If it isn't the hardest game I've ever played, it definitely makes the top 5. I just have a complaint I'm sure many of my fellow gamers share: the controls. It's almost impossible to aim a pixel-perfect jump, which is essential for the later levels. When I say you have to have pixel-perfect jumps, I mean it. there's only one way to fit through a one-block space, and that's by fitting perfectly between what's on either side of it. With walls, it only slows me down, but in the 6th level it's drove me over the edge. Please fix this if you make a Tincan3. I don't mind so much the "leaps of faith" between screens because once you know where to jump it usually makes it easier, but the pickiness of the hit detection killed it for me. It makes no sense why walking into the side of a spike is so deadly, which added to my frustration, but it's every other game with spikes has that problem too, so it's not as bad. Anyway, this is a ragequit game we're talking about, so the more rage-inducing it is the better, I suppose.

Glitches-I didn't notice any, really. That could be a first.

Replay Value-Not too much, except if you ragequitted and want to finish what you started or want to do it again with less/no deaths. I didn't expect much anyway, so it's no loss. (Speaking of no deaths, Matt33, you are fantastic for managing that. I really don't know how you did it!)

Overall-If you are like me and love to punish yourself with extremely difficult games, give this a try. If you tend to rage or can't stand losing, avoid this game like the plague. Or, alternatively, play it anyway and get over yourself! ;)

Replay Value-N/A