Kyle & Bill - Ep. 3

November 3, 2012 –
April 6, 2018
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Author Comments

This is a few days late for Halloween, I know, but whatever.

Made with MsPaint and Sony Vegas Pro 10.


Yet another creative MS paint animation. I really like how this series is turning out.

A problem I had with this cartoon was that it seemed slow-paced at times, especially with the dialogue between the Grim Reaper and Bill. Also, you may want to add a few more jokes here and there in order to gain more interest from the viewer. I'm not saying that it was dull, just that it could have been more humorous.

Still, the Ping-Pong match was entertaining and impressive.

This was rather funny seeing as Grim Reaper decided to play a fair game and let Bill himself decide through something he's good at if he would live or die.

The animation is still with MS Paint as usual so nothing has really changed. I do, however, look forward to the day you can afford and purchase Adobe Flash so you can make even better animations unless you plan to keep using MS Paint for a long time.

The voice acting was good once more. The pong sound and controller mashing was also a nice little soundly addition. The ending song was good to hear. Which brings up another point, should try to link to the song in the Credits & Info on all of these unless the song is no longer in the audio portal.

Overall, another nice piece in the Kyle & Bill series.

Review Request Club

It was same as ussual, however the whooshing was a little overuse but Im not going complain about that, however for some reason Im experiencing some lag with the video while watching it.

neat idea but some of the posing was too stiff , ex, the reaper holding the sythe. keep sketching to improve your drawings... cheers

Awesome 5 for the save

My only complaint about this is that the "woosh" sound effect was overused. It's funny and the animation is good enough. I hope you keep making more of these.

Here's a suggestion: download a preloader from here, Newgrounds.

Heh. Amusing story and good execution. Best wishes.

This Is pure genius!


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3.71 / 5.00