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Simply knock the blue ball off the screen, cutting the ropes and using the neon orange balls. Can you complete all 30 levels?

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This game is not about puzzles at all. It's about timing it so that you can hit that one pixel that makes the chain reaction perfect. Even when I know the answer it can take 50 tries to do it. Also, the clear button shouldn't exist or at least it shouldn't be so easily accessible. I misclicked and deleted all my progress.

Now that I've beaten the game... I't saddens me that there is no more levels... Excellent game!!!

Wow, this game reminds me of an app I used to have on my phone. Very fun.

10% of my time was figuring out the puzzles the the other 90% was retrying the levels over and over to get perfect timing. It was still a fun game but it got kind of frustrating having to retry a level because my timing was 1/10 of a second off. I know it's a physics game but I just felt I was spending more time than I should have doing the puzzles.

this game is sooo fun :D