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Ereban Dawn

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Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

You find yourself trapped in a dark abyss. As you explore the caves of this mysterious world, you'll find lanterns to help light your way, but be careful... you might not be alone...

Can you bring light to a world of darkness, or will you succumb to the torments of eternal damnation?

Made for NG Halloween Spooktacular 2012.

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I got all medals! (Guide included)

Hey there, I know this game is as of now already almost 7 years old and nobody commented here since mid 2013. I only came back to this for the medals because I'm revisiting all games with medals that I played, to get more, now that I'm older and more skilled.

First the little guide on how to get the medals, I just got them all within 1h of playing (although it could be done within 20min I guess)

1. secret medal - spooktakular
on the title screen, go to "about" in the bottom right corner, then click on the big newgrounds logo, which opens a new tab with the halloween content of 2012. By clicking on the logo, you got the medal. Easy to do, maybe tricky to find/think of.

2. secret medal - microcosm
right before finishing the game (after activating all lanterns and returning to the lighthouse and climbing it up to "summon" the hotair baloon), don't jump into the baloon yet.
The whole map got lit up, so now navigating is easier.
Go left from the lighthouse, down the first tunnel, and then left again, past a lantern. One of those small tunnels with spiderwebs is in the corner, go through it. Before exiting on the other side (a big, chapel-like room with ornaments and a big skelleton hand), look below your exit, theres another of those tunnels visible. So walk out, hug the right wall while falling and land in that tunnel (too high from the ground to be accessible). Walk right through the tunnel to enter another little room that looks like inside a church. If you activated all lanterns and the lighthouse, there should be a sentence in the middle of the room, informing you that the lighthouse has been lit. By entering the room you unlocked the medal.
Now take whatever way you find to get back up. There are other routes to get to that room, but after leaving you'll see they may have been longer and trickier.

3. secret medal - Dawn
just finish the game (jump into the hotair-baloon after climbing up the lighthouse, after finding and activating all lanterns)

I actually finished the game first try, so anyone who said it's too hard, is probably just bad at dodging the ghost, which is rather easy ;)

- you have to light lanterns up by jumping and touching them. Only when they emit light, they're activated. Seems some guys didn't figure that out and voted lower than needed.
- there are a few hidden tunnels that you can fall through by tapping down, try it if you find some kind of pit in a room, or see another room below you.
-the ghost is easy to jump over if on same height. That also applies when jumping up those "tricky" tunnels that go zik-zak. Just jump over the ghost onto the next ledge, wait 3sec for the ghost, repeat. Easy.
-when your light is small, hide at the next lantern until it refills. Or take the risk and run on, but be aware of the ghost, you won't see him coming early enough with a little light.

I personally enjoyed the game, dunno how I felt about it 7 years ago.
Sadly it's not very scary, the music is ok but not too unsettling, the graphics are too simple to scare me (unless it had jump scares, but that's a cheap trick, so I'm happy you didn't use them).

What this game needs to be better is a story, more interactions, maybe more hazards (not just 3 sceneries that look like they may hurt you but don't. Make them move, make them hurt, make them something the player should be araid of), also more enemies (the ghost got repetitive quickly) and maybe some more play with colours/lights to make things look more gloomy and stuff. Also some special effects, like thunder/lighning, crumbling roofs, rain, shadows in the background or wind-related stuff would have made it more lifelike.
Still, a solid 3/5. It's 7 years old, so I guess compared to the standards back then it was quite a good flashgame. Too bad I don't remember the standards of the years anymore.

This game is like Limbo... You have a great imagination. -.-

this game makes no since at all.i just wanted medals.

Bad game

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2012
11:03 PM EDT