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Super Halloween Fun Time

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Author Comments

Our hero exhausted and near the brink of defeat comes face to face with Volguus Zildrohar, lord of the Sebouillia. So empty your heads, don't think of anything. We've only got one shot at this.

Episode 38.

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Fuckin Yanush, outstanding. I got an insulin pump 7 months ago, shit is going well/better. Glad I wondered back to NG yet again. Great stuff as always.

InsulinpumpClock responds:

I hope you wander back more and more. I like reviews and people like you are a joy to get reviews from and there are plenty of these movies. I'm glad you got a pump. "You have diabetes."

Funny, I just reviewed another Halloween like movie. I thought this was fairly decent, but it did go on a bit too long. That may be the longest Easter Egg in proportion to the rest of the cartoon. This was all done with good animation. It's sad to see Bill Murray that old. My dad loves "Stripes" too!

I didn't like how you mocked candied corn. That stuff is delicious! It seems like everyone hates it but me. Yeah, there was a real shoddy Ghostbusters cartoon like that at the end. That's why the licensed one was called "The Real Ghostbusters".

InsulinpumpClock responds:

It's not really an Easter egg. More like an intermission. This year my parents gave out pretzels for Halloween. We have a new winner. It's better then coins though.

Fucking funny movie! ^^

Personally I like the Ghostbusters movie and the Filmation Ghostbusters WAY better than that "Real Ghostbusters" cartoon really.

InsulinpumpClock responds:

Wow. You like Tracy the gorilla then. Gorillas in the mist. I could have added so much more to this. ;) Thanks for your review.

Still got it after all these years. And you said the catchphrase yaaaay and also love the Ghostbusters jokes

InsulinpumpClock responds:

Sorry for taking so long to respond. "This review is like thirty years ago." Thanks a bunch for the support!

a wonderfull movie.

you KNOW that you animate GREAT, don't you?
i LOVED the moment bill murray came in, and when dan akroyd started talking.
also, i liked when the gooey ghost, ate insulin's candy corn, and when it slimed insulin pump. my favorite scene must also be, at the end, when, insulin pump, tries, to say (TWICE) ''i have diabeetus'', but harold ramis ALWAYS interrupted him!!
so funny!

i liked bill murray's voice, whoever did it, was proffesional. was it you? (no, ass-licking, just curious).
BUT WHAT I LOVED THE MOST, was the guy who did dan akroyd's voice. it was REALLY like dan akroyd, it sounded, well, similar to him.
he captured the tone, the style, the picth, everything. was it you, or sasucule? (who is sasucule? i've seen his name for many years, but never happened to ask)

seriously, whoever did dan akroyd's voice IS an EPIC voice-actor. epic.

ps. i loved the movie, and i liked the ''animated series of ghostbusters'' drawings, and of the characters. did you do the blonde guy's hair/clothes by tracing, or just by scratch?
just curious.

pps. i loved the movie, and it was fun, BUT, when sigourney weaver started getting liek, possesed or something, i got freaked out... dont do that!
i was very scared!

other than that, an action-filled, top-notch movie. kudos.
do more

InsulinpumpClock responds:

Chris the stick2 leaves a review-----

INsulin responds.

Sasucule is my brother.

We usually both do voices in a movie with this many parts but I let him hog everything this time. I didn't do any even when I thought they sounded way too close to someone else especially with both Egon's in the same movie! He did all the non text voices except for a couple of things, like the white ghostbuster sign ghost who is Arsenio Hall in the title scene. He wanted to do that too!!

You don't know who Slimer is?? :'( The blonde guy is Egon. Yyyaa a aah Woah.

I searched for images and used them as references. I think I actually traced egon's uniform after not liking the way it came out and maybe the pke meter. I can't remember exactly. You should have seen all the Slimer pictures I looked at before I drew him. Not as funny as in the way the toon portrays him though.

Thank you for the review.

Credits & Info

2.70 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2012
6:12 PM EDT