Candy Catcher

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Just have nothing to do... so I create this simple game...


Simple,cute and a little competitive.
I'm trying to have higher than the score of Poisongirl (she currently have the best score; 8162).
Well...I bested Justin (Third highest score; 6 337),thats one done

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Very simple and cute. Nothing really special, but fun to play.

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Nice game but waaaaaaay too short

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Pretty cool idea, could have been carried farther. Smooth graphics without much glam, but very polished and clean. I think there should have definitely been more work put in here, as I like the idea of an overflowing bucket of candy but don't like that losing most of it is unavoidable.

If this had been Halloween-themed I think it would be very popular, especially if there was more here to enjoy, As is, there is pretty much a fixed maximum candies to collect with a random factor of how many more you can stack on top.

out of 10....
gfx - 8.5 (very clean, shiny)
sfx - N/A (I have no soundcard)
design - 7.5 (should have been given levels)
gameplay - 5 (initially very fun, ultimately unrewarding)

overall, this seemed like a promising game for being lightly developed, but wasn't carried far enough to be satisfying.

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The game looks really cute! While it might not be the most innovative and fun game, the concept and design will attract lots of players.

Looking at the positives, the concept of cute candy is just... sweet. The tutorial was very helpful and the game has a clean design.

The graphics are the thing that bug me the most. The white lines and artifacts around everything makes it hard to focus on the actual game. Even the background is pixelated. The music is fitting but very repetitive.

The game can easy be manipulated by clicking out of the play area for a few seconds and waiting for the candy to accumulate and drop all in one area. This also causes major lag and crashes... It should probably be corrected. Other than that, the gameplay is very repetitive and I personally didn't find it addicting at all. There's not much of a point to collecting all the candy.

Good work!

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2.81 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2012
10:57 PM EDT
Skill - Collect