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The Hut in Ayre Forest

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Friends, presenting Team Crystal Egg's submission for Game Jam 8, a.k.a. Cabin Jam -- The Hut in Ayre Forest! The story is a loose reference to the tale of Baba Yaga.

The game follows the tale of a young boy who, while searching for a cure for his sister's illness, finds himself in front of a cabin with chicken feet... a cabin belonging to Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga tests the boy by telling him to go on missions, some of which will require him to be a man...

- Left/right arrow keys -- move left/right
- A -- attack
- S -- jump

After 36 hours of hair tearing apart, stress, late hours and a lot of fun, excitement and anticipation, we present you our work. Enjoy!

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A short little game with cute graphics - and exploding leprechauns! :-D

Unfortunately the gameplay is a bit glitchy. I had to restart twice because I got stuck and couldn't move. The cave with the wolf was probably the glitchiest of all. I still don't get how it was supposed to work but evidently I did it because I got to the ending.

The fade-out and fade-in between screens kinda gets old. Maybe make that go a lot faster.

Good story though. I'm glad my little sister turned out OK.

short but awesome

Very short with a cute story, but the game was a little confusing in how you could continue replaying the seed collection scene, and you can jump over most of the enemies

It was a sweet story, but only two creatures could stop me from just running past everything, even the wolf in the cave couldn't keep me from running past. Needs work, unless that was intentional.

Troisnyx responds:

I don't think that was intentional -- thanks for letting us know!

i love the concept of the game and the layout. my favourite part is when you put the hat on and turn in to a grown up.