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Accomplishment 5 Points

Beat a highscore

Allergic to Gold 5 Points

No gold 10 different levels

Decent Treasure 5 Points

Collect total of 60000 gold

Frustrated by Gold 5 Points

No gold 5 different levels

I really am 5 Points

Die 20 times

I'm trying 5 Points

Die 5 times

Irritated by Gold 5 Points

No gold in one level

Playing the Game 5 Points

Beat 3 levels

Small Treasure 5 Points

Collect total of 5000 gold

Small Victories 5 Points

Perfect 5 levels

Takedown 5 Points

Beat boss 1

Upgrades 5 Points

Upgrade a part to max

You Tried 5 Points

Die 5 times while using the slow shield

As Always 10 Points

Right click achievement

Big Shot 10 Points

Convert 900 bullets to gold with one bomb

Bomber 10 Points

Use the bomb 15 times

Enjoying the Game 10 Points

Beat 10 levels

Flawless Victory 10 Points

Beat boss 1 without dying once

I love you Trophies 10 Points

Get all trophies [15]

I've won 10 Points

Die 50 times

Medium Victories 10 Points

Perfect 10 levels

Professional 10 Points

Beat level 15 without dying

Resourceful 10 Points

Use the bomb 35 times

Shiny Trophies 10 Points

Get 2/3 of all trophies [10]

Silver 10 Points

Be ranked in the top 40%

Stupid Trophies 10 Points

Get 1/3 of all trophies [5]

Takedown Again 10 Points

Beat boss 2

Total Boss 10 Points

Beat a level > 15 getting at least 2 ribbons and not dying

Upgraded 10 Points

Upgrade 3 parts to max

GG WP 25 Points

Beat boss 2 without dying once

Gold 25 Points

Be ranked in the top 20%

Large Victories 25 Points

Perfect 15 levels

Max Power 25 Points

Upgrade all parts to max

Midas 25 Points

Collect total of 200000 gold

Time Warp 25 Points

Slow 600 bullets with 1 slow shield

Well Played 25 Points

Hit 1000 bullets with 1 gold shield

Beating the Game 50 Points

Beat all levels

Platinum 50 Points

Be ranked in the top 8%

Author Comments

If just black screen, just wait up it's loading.

Thanks for front page!

"Pro tip: Your ship can touch the bullets as long as the flashing circle in the middle of your ship doesn't get hit." -afklol

Did someone say Bullet Hell game? Dodge thousands of colourful bullets through tons of levels and take down massive bosses!

My adaptation to the classic "Bullet Hell" genre, with upgrades and of course, tons of bullets.

For performance issues, there are a lot of detail changes available under OPTIONS on the level select screen.


Mouse: Move ship
Click: Use bomb
Z: (If upgraded) Use slow shield
X: (If upgraded) Use gold shield
P: Pause
Q: (When paused) Return to level select
ESC: Return to level select
M: Mute/ Unmute
SPACEBAR: Fire at boss
Right Click: Mute option


(Gold score update)
The game now tracks your total gold throughout the whole game! based on your total gold you can increase your total score by very small amounts. (1000 total gold = 1 total score point)

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satisfying B)

Love the game - it becomes a real challenge! I have completed a level over 15 twice wtihout dying and not received the Total Boss medal though. Any ideas? :)

I Love it

Clicking just pauses the game instead of activating the bomb on Firefox. So much of the game isn't doable on Firefox for that very reason. Hence losing major stars in the rating.

Played on Chrome I was able to get everything except the game cheated me out of the Resourceful medal which I don't know if clearing cache (which I really don't want to do) and trying again at another time will get me that medal or not.

At first, it should definitely be placed in the "Skill-Avoid" category since despite the bosses there isn't much shooting in this game. You have to be very patient at unlocking some of the achievements and playing because with so many bullets at the time even with changing to lowest quality the game sometimes lags like hell, I even seen few times the "ghost" of my ship in the place in which I was few seconds ago. About the medals: I got (is it supposed to be like this?) the Beating the game medal after beating only 26 levels. I also wonder what the trophies medals are about (achievemenst, ribbons?).
Nevertheless the game itself is challenging and very good. Minus half of a star only because of the the abovementioned lag.


Few years after playing this game for the first time I must take away 1,5 stars because of the lag. In the meantime I bought a new laptop and if the game's performance is still that poor it is the lack of optimization.