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Zombie Doll vs. Life

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The first episode of Zombie Doll!

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I've watched this many times before, I wish it got syndicated, but while I realize my comment no longer matters, I just wanted to say I've always loved the intro. The flash profiles of the characters, that awesome heavy guitar, but the lyrics...they are just awful.

smirkstudios responds:

Dude, I totally feel you on that! We were really hoping to be picked up on this one, but alas, it's rarely your first cartoon or even your first few that make it big! We are still working on content, so please stay "tooned!"

I didn't like the animation work that much, not fluid at all, the script was funny though, and well constructed

I have a serious, fatal question. it's obvious that the doll itself, is undead. that's exceptionally obvious. But because I haven't seen any hints of organs or even the debatable use of human-like flesh, this question will hopefully help me out.

"What does the he/she/it/thing/doll/meat-bag/troll, or intangible thing of doom shown in this video use as sustenance?"

At first, I thought Juju, as in spiritual energy. "Mana", even. Maybe. But then, I thought Jujubes. As in candy, or other sweet snacks and foods. Maybe. My last guess was people.

Have a nice day.

sirjeffofshort responds:

Zed is built of human flesh and the organs of small animals in a process akin to Frankenstein's monster (who just so happens to be their next door neighbor) except on a much smaller scale. Therefore he sustains himself on food just like any other being. The main difference is that Zed was brought to life using a Lazerous-esque syrum, rendering him unable to die and therefore able to heal from enormous amounts of injury such as stab wounds and missing limbs and the like... and yes that is all something we had taken into consideration long ago haha.

that was the shit, love all the characters and i like the underpants gnomes reference in your auther comment

Llove the animation, and it is stranger than ANYTHING I could come up with!