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Snake Skip School

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Made for the Mochi August contest in only five days.
You are an unnamed fellow at an unnamed but low-budget school. You are out of class trying to collect some brown things, but you have to avoid the hall monitors and a teacher each level.


Might be a little short or something,but to be nice,I'm going to give this 5 stars!

its bad

First off, the game looks a bit boring. The background is only a white screen, the characters are too small to admire....AND ALSO THE BACKGROUND IS JUST A WHITE SCREEN. Second, the game always seem to launch me back to the preloader. When i went to read teh instructions, i pressed back and went back to the preloader. When i played the game and died, it launched me back to the preloader. THAAAAAAAAAAAT'S ANNOYING. The good parts are that it has music, an interesting concept, and at least SOME COLORS, but you have to draw a background so it makes sense. This guy is cutting school, not walking around a white colored...as in colors, not in skin, neighborhood. Draw some stuff relating to the "story" of the game....STUPID WHITE COLOR BACKGROUND. >:((((((((

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Would be good if improved a bit, like maybe every target got, the "snake" gets longer by adding a new student. Also, a better grid on the playing area could help make the game more user-friendly. Make some touch-ups and update it.

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you should add a warning when it switches + too short

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2.94 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2012
6:39 PM EDT
Action - Other