Candy Corns 2

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I haven't worked on a Grey and Jacquo cartoon in ages, so I decided to work on one last month. I wanted to switch things up a bit and abandoned the old look of the characters and hand drew everything as opposed to using pre existing models.

It was a nice break, and hopefully people will like this slightly different take on the characters.


I prefer the original art style, but it's nice to see Grey and Jacquo again.

I gave this a solid 4 because:
+1) The animation was clean and seemed at least a little on the fresh side of things.
+1) The voice acting and all other audio was crisp and clean.
+1) The music sounds like a classic toon's show that was more geared towards a mature aduience and, with that, I think the music sets the tone for the show.
+1) It was humorous...disturbing...but humorous.
-.5) for the length of it....but lets bump it up to a 4.5 because if it had been longer I may not have enjoyed it as much.

And don't worry Giggas, if Chssmstrjk seriously believes this takes from Donnie Darko than I don't think he's seen the film either, or at least not for what it was or even it's more direct pointers to events. I mean I don't think your rabbit has traveled back in time and into your main character's mind to keep him from ripping the fabric of reality apart, has he?

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the fuck i just watch

Music, voicing and animation was good. Though it was extremely short. It should of been longer. It was still good anyway.

I give this flash a 3 out of 5 just because this flash seems like it was inspired by the movie Donnie Darko where the main character has nightmares about a demonic rabbit and the characters in this flash are similar to both the demonic rabbit and the main character from the movie Donnie Darko. But this flash didn't really scare me at all.

Shamoozal responds:

I've actually never seen Donnie Darko before.

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3.13 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2012
1:42 PM EDT
Comedy - Original