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Cornelius & Toots: Case 2

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While out on a routine investigation, Cornelius and Toots learn that they're not the only ghost hunters in town...

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I still liked it, though it wasn't nearly as funny as the first one, and the story was... cliche to say the least, ill give it a solid 3/5

now i want to use flash bangs more

horrible pacing compared to the first one, and toots seemed less... diabolical and insane, more childish and comical which, in the end, took away some of the humor.

Hahaha, great to see Cornelius & Toots get a win. Really appreciate the distinct UK style humour at work in here as well even if some others don't. Keep it up. Love the ending, gave us a real laugh.

It's kinda funny and kinda lame and kinda cute and kinda boring and kinda entertaining all in one fat wad of tiny flying purple fat. It's... no its not Toots, its the slime that leaks out the side of my head when I watch these videos. The last episode was slightly enjoyable, this one was too... just have to remember this is basically kid cartoons... but they're still pretty good ones.