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Sonic Unxpct Advent EP: 7

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Author Comments

Finally done making episode 7...... This is a sprite animation which continues on from the last episodes of Sonic Unexpected Adventure...

Just to let the new viewers know.. I'm not a pro at animating I'm just making these for entertainment purposes... :)

Try and watch the last episodes to understand what's going on...

Hope you enjoy it and please comment and rate!

Episode 8 will be out once I make it :P


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Y'know, it just feels great to look at this and have to think hard about what flaws there are to point out, so this review's probably going to be a bit shorter than normally, lol but as always, I'll start with the positives. Glad to see you figured out the ad window, and the way you pulled it off looks very nice and professional, and that's a really slick intro you've got going on there, nicely done. The scene select is functional, good spacing between each scene too. Moving on to the actual flash, the story flows fairly seamlessly, nice fight scenes, plenty of action in this one. I was about to question the lack of robot...-ness, haha, glad to see you addressed it in the plot, and I really like that Egg Carrier sprite, looks quite well done. The new character window addresses the colored text problem I mentioned last time, nice, and it looks cool too. Backgrounds are also well done, and I notice you improved with the clouds; they move and though they're still in a predictable pattern, it's more varied instead of the same cloud pasted all over the place, nicely done there too. I see you also got a splashing sort of sprite for the... lava? flow during the fight between Shadow and Nazo Nova, and it looks polished and appropriate as well, doesn't stick out more than a splash would. Some interesting new sound effects and no overused ones this time, you even managed to modify the one from last episode so it could be sneaked into an appropriate moment, that's awesome! Speaking of sound, the selection of music is top-notch, and something I noticed was your use of the Sonic 3 boss theme, when the previous episode tended to use Sonic 2's... interesting indeed. Other music was also appropriate and well-chosen, I have the credits music stuck in my head, haha. Liking the bonus, some nice foreshadowing there. The transitions throughout were pretty cool stuff, though as metroidfannumber1 below me said, that particular one used for to be continued and a few other places induces some serious lag on my computer. Going back for the cons, it does sort of drop the viewer straight into the flash without much background, and there's a tiny plot hole here and there, like how did Shadow know Nazo Nova's name if he wasn't around when Knux went off to fight it nor when he and Rouge woke up? Nitpicking, I know *shrug* Anyway, the energy waves and the like are blocky at their origin, and the laser from the Egg Carrier looks incomplete with the front looking like that, I'd suggest taking a look at some DBZ, etc. sprites to see how they combat that issue and implement something similar. During the fight against Metal Sonic, Tails' sprite swings around weird, consider just letting it stay there hanging on. Also the "walls" occasionally vanish near the edges of the screen. The repeated explosion thing looks odd, unless you were going for fire (in which case use fire sprites, not explosion ones), try using various sizes of it, like a big one, smaller ones to the left, upper right, lower left, etc as necessary. Also I notice you've got two differing explosion styles, one (the one for Metal Sonic blowing up, etc) appears realistic, ripped from Metal Slug or similar, while the other (Egg Carrier fights) seems more cartoony. I get you're looking for variety but the two styles don't fit together, try sticking with one. Personally I like the cartoony style, Metal Slug-esque is overused :P Anyway, the use of... Paint? regular flash tools? looks good at times, like the screen in the ship, but other times sticks out in not so good a way, like Metal Sonic's cracks and the hole through which the lava? leaks out. Sprite inconsistency also messes with the laser cannon. The energy wave you used just didn't look right considering the charging-orb-thing. Some moments go on too long, like the wall-running sequence & alarm. Grammar: Just a your/you're at the beginning, little was spelled "lilttle" at one point, and powerfull instead of powerful. Look out for commas too, they exist for a reason. See, not much this time, though that meant I had more room to be specific.

superhyperturbosonic responds:

WOW every flash animation I make seems to get your comments bigger and bigger lol thanks for the huge comment and il keep the cons in mind, good to see you have game me an extra star in this animation.. I will make sure you give me full 5 in the next animation! hehe :P

awesome. but i just want you to know that that effect at the "to be continued" part was running my cpu at full 100% just to let you know. how come spriters use that nazo thing all the time i feel like i hear nazo everywhere. are you gonna make an episode 8 soon or will we have to wait for a year and a half and then be told that episode 9 is comming soon but you never actually do it?

superhyperturbosonic responds:

No way im never gna leave the series just like that i will make episode 8 by the end of next month because one episode takes me 1 month to make... im also a gamer so its kinda hard .. hehe. I have no idea why that to be continues was making ur cpu go crazy.. wow thats real weird.. and thanks for the awsome rateing

If you make game of this,it'll be famous,but that doesn't it was not famous.
I liked too the Extra "RECOVERY MODE 1%" it rules if you make a game it'll be very famous

superhyperturbosonic responds:

Thanks for the 5 stars and i would love to make a game but... I gotta learn how to :P thanks for the tip

Pretty Damn impressive, I like the fact that as the viewer I have to click to make the dialogue go. This allows me to have the time to read it as some animators make theres go by too fast, and in the same perspective it allows me to read it as fast as I can without it being slow. Great Job and keep up the good work.

superhyperturbosonic responds:

Thanks for commenting and giving me 5 stars! I'm glad that you enjoyed it :)

you did a cool job wih this video. it took time to make it shows that for sure. even thogh this is a movie like the whole RPG feel to it. the graphics are great and the animtions were done very well.

superhyperturbosonic responds:

Thanks for the great comment and the 5 stars, yes out of the whole series this episode took me quite long to make.

Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2012
7:12 AM EDT