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Super bubbles

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High Scores

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Author Comments

Pop Bubbles and score as high as you can within the time limit.
Consecutive Blue bubble pops build up points until you hit a super bubble.
Super bubbles that pop other super bubbles generate bonus points.

-Added a High Score board to the game.
-Super Bubbles no longer spawn from the bottom, instead they spawn in random areas.
-The bubble combo for consecutive blue bubble pops goes up to a max of 30.
-Upon level up that max goes up by 5 per level, as well as more bubbles appearing at once.
-Hitting a Super bubble will reset your consecutive bubble combo back to 1, however bubbles popped due to the power will still add up the bubble combo.

This is one of my first flash games I made, hope you enjoy it.

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The concept is actually fairly nice. I mean, games like this are addicting -- but, and there's it, there's not enough variation to keep coming back to it. It's something you play once, do a time or two, and forget about for a while. There's no real lasting appeal.

I'm going to make a couple of points and I hope you can do something with them. Whether it's for this game or later games.

1) The game looks really bad from a graphical point of view. I'm talking about your menu screen here, the game itself is too simple to complain about in terms of graphics. The text-buttons look cheap, the background has nothing to do with anything, the "created by"'s dark colors are too much of a contrast with the pale blue-greenish shades of your background and title. The title itself is a bit plain, and it doesn't fit well on the background. I'm not saying that you should spend hours on creating one, but spend a little more time on it... look up a tutorial for making one, get help, something like that.

2) There's a "level-up" text once in a while, but it doesn't seem to change anything. The powers remain the same, and if the speed goes up, it isn't really noticeable. If you want to work with a level up kind of thing, then change things around. Less power-ups, other power-ups, "bad" bubbles, faster bubbles, moving (not just vertically) bubbles... things like that.

3) Speaking about power-ups... They make the game too easy. I barely had to press normal bubbles myself; I just had to press the countless of red, yellow, and "up" bubbles and voila: done. I didn't feel accomplished at the end, just cheap. There are just too many of them. Sometimes there were 5-10 seconds that I had to do absolutely nothing because the game was making combos for me. This isn't bad, but it happened too frequently.

4) Some music would be good. Sound effects are great, but being able to have some options would be better.

5) It's a game about archieving the highest score, but there's no indicator whatsoever on how well I did. An in-game scoreboard would be fun. A recent example is Retro/Grade: it shows which place you have on the board and your score. Having some kind of goal would make this more fun.

That's all I can think about at the moment. Like I said, I really hope this can help you. Good luck for any of your further projects!~

ShadowRaive responds:

Thanks for the feed back, this is very helpful information indeed. I'll definitely take those into consideration for the next game I make.

isn't actually bad, i really liked it but the graphics can be a little better and some tecno song would fit perfectly

This game was very addicting to me, but I can see how the appeal would wear off quickly for others. The only thing there is to do is pop bubbles, and there's not much of a challenge for it if you only click on the power up bubbles. That having been said, I did thoroughly enjoy this game and people that can handle repetition and love popping bubbles (like me) would get a blast out of this game.

First comment! Soon your game will become famous I think. But fix the text! Then you roll a mouse over it, the mouse Icon becomes Text icon!

ShadowRaive responds:

Ah, thanks the text should be fixed now!

Credits & Info

4.77 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2012
1:20 PM EDT