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Use your roomba-like robot to blow the others apart in a game full of chaotic action, humor and a leveling-up robot!

Arrow keys move, WASD shoot (including all 8 directions). YOU CAN PRESS THE "i" KEY TO TURN INVINCIBLE but the cheat does NOT turn off until you refresh the page!

Note: This is my Ludum Dare 24 entry. For those who don’t know, that means it was made in 48 hours (okay, around 30 hours since I had to sleep and eat and stuff too) based on a theme that was announced the second the timer began.


I loved it but was too short

good need impovment game

good but short.

Awesome game, very good for the short time you had to make this.
The only annoyance i have, is that i'm used to using WASD to move and the arrows to move, so i kind of ran into enemies a lot of the time :P

This game is pretty good for the time it was made in. The upgrades are clear, and have that rarely seen addition of having disadvantages with them. I personally would like to see more games that take that concept into account. The controls are solid and simple to use, with the "wasd" keys being a more than suitable replacement for the mouse for aiming. I felt it was an almost perfect length for the type of game that it is; It didn't become stale after playing it for a length of time. There was a nice degree of challenge until the point where all upgrades were maxed out, when the satisfaction of obliterating everything before you kicked in.

Some glaring, but not game-breaking issues I found in the game were the lack of audio and the hit detection on the Evolutionator. I understand the difficulty of creating a game in this time frame, but I do feel that the hit detection, at least, could have been a better fit onto the Evolutionator's model, as I found myself taking hits a number of times where the projectiles should have passed over me. A less apparent problem I had was the first appearance of the Evolve screen, the exit of which confused me for a short while.

Overall, a decent game with a couple of clear, but acceptable issues based on the time it was created in. Very nice work, I hope to see more work from you on here.

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3.32 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2012
5:56 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed