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1-Button Suicide Javelin

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First Blood 10 Points

Hit yourself with the javelin

Sharpshooting 25 Points

Get hit on each of the five throws

What a flight 25 Points

Get over 250 meters on a single attempt

Master thrower 50 Points

Throw javelin to over 100 meters.

Pushing the limits 50 Points

Get over 350 meters on a single attempt

Suicide Javeler! 100 Points

Get an overall distance of over 1000 meters on 5 successive attempts!

Author Comments

Welcome to one of the less well-known summer games events: the Suicide Javelin. In this event you can increase your overall distance by getting hit by your own javelin!

Use 'J' for all the gameplay controls:
-1. Set the angle by pressing 'J' (and keep holding it to run).
-2. Throw the javelin by releasing 'J'
-3. Accelerate the rocket by pressing 'J'. Release 'J' to break.

- 'ESC' to get back to menu (eg. for restarting game).
- 'R' for quick restart during game.
- 'M' to toggle mute.
- 'H' to show hiscores in title or demo screen.

6.9.2012 UPDATE:

I think I found out what was causing the humongous lag for some people. This has hopefully now been fixed. Please tell me if you're still experiencing lag! Also if you find bugs, please describe what kind of a bug you encountered!

24.9. UPDATE

Added medals to the title screen.

25.10. UPDATE
Added possibility to control with mouse clicks. Also added 'R' as a quick restart key.

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this gives me more lag than youtube 4k and this is bullshit

extremely slow even though the graphics are terrible can't go 3 seconds without a lag spike.

Very interesting concept; you're basically playing a game of fetch with yourself. It's not impossible to get hit by the javelin, but it requires patience. The best advice I can give is to aim high and release late and make sure you immediately hold down the left click.

"First Blood" and "Sharpshooting" are pretty easy. If you can't get those, stop playing.

"What a flight" and "Pushing the limits" can be obtained by throwing at roughly a 45 degree angle, gunning it, and matching up with the javelin at a high speed. It's pretty hard to do but you only have to do it once.

"Suicide Javeler!" is very obtainable. One such method for an almost guaranteed success is angle it so it's just touching the back of his hair a bit (close to 45 degrees, but pointing more to the sky than the ground), run to the end and throw, then gun until the distance between javelin and rocket is on the way down and gets near or slightly less than 10, which is your cue to stop speeding and just coast along and then just try to casually match him up, with a slight boost right before contact. This should net about 200 each time, which 5 x 200 = 1000 so medal get.

Note you could also get "Suicide Javeler!" with three exceptionally good runs, if you basically did a "Pushing the limits" three times out of five. But it's easier to use the method above.

"Master Thrower" is near impossible though. I imagine you just have to get very lucky or it depends on your exact browser and OS or something. Angling at 45 degrees and throwing at the very end of the run consistently yields 99 point something at the very best, at least every time I've done it so far.

Very strange that so many more people have "Master Thrower" than "Suicide Javeler!"

JeffersonTD responds:

Thanks for review. I agree, the master thrower is the toughest one to get. It doesn't depend on the browser though, and it doesn't need to be entirely pixel or frame perfect, but very close to that.

Can't seem to even get past 100m. :/ Doesn't seem like timing the angle's so difficult, but no matter how good the angle, it just doesn't get very far. Confused at to how the 'Rocket' works as well. If you throw short, you can see how the character jumps aboard and starts moving forward, but it seems like the javelin flies waaaay past the character no matter how much you accelerate. Does the character even move from the starting point? No mention of the rocket in the demo, either. I'm starting to suspect I'm missing something vital... seems like a fun game otherwise, but either medal amounts are insane, or I'm really missing something here.


JeffersonTD responds:

There are multiple demos. Some of them show you the player successfully using the rocket. If you throw the javelin very far at a low angle, you can't reach it with the rocket, but if you throw at a higher angle, you can reach it. The rocket accelerates as long as you press the button.

Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2012
1:45 PM EDT