Toons These Days: Ep 9

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Goddamn, I hate drawing guns. I guess I should've used a better picture for reference than the Tropic Thunder poster.

Anyhoo, there are only eight episodes left this season, so we're no longer taking requests for future episodes.

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stop watching cartoons and start making them... to everyone else, not Doodley :P

No but seriously do people not get enough "reality" in their "real" lives that they have to live vicariously through overpaid, terrible actors portrayals of scripted "reality"?

These are questions that can never be answered... lest there be a tear in the fabric of reality.

Enough ranting, great job with your animation Doodley. You raise a valid point and you did so with the stylings of a classic animated character. The simple hand gestures are great and read well, but I personally want to see some movement in the guy. Some "real" movement. The character seems like he was from the "rubber hose" era of animation so make them rubbery arms flop about about!

But that's just the animator in me :P


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i didn't think this one was as funny as the others, the animation was still pretty good and it reflected my feelings on "totally cool dudes", so 4 outta five from me

Ok, the characters of Total Drama are total stereotypes, but so are all characters in reality shows. Nobody, wants to see competitors that are all alike. Because, then you don't have a favorite character on the show. I like Total Drama because it's a cartoon, and cartoons and animation movies make the impossible possible. You can have contestants blow up, turn them into zombies, shoot them to the moon or even make a dog sit in a boat with a hat talking while making hand gestures. And come on the only tv-shows that are more fake then Total Drama are the actual "real" reality shows. So Total Drama will always be my favorite reality show, unless they blow up snooky or shoot her to the moon on the next Jersey Shore season.

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You sound really mad that the cartoons of your childhood are outdated. I don't like Total Drama either, but then I remeber its a kid show thats designed and made for kids. Time to get laid bro.

itd be funnier if the voice over wasnt some old guy taking a dump effect

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Sep 1, 2012
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